Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Yet again we're up against the clock ....

we spent the day at Pilgrims Hospice eBay office today as we can't be there tomorrow.    Got home this evening and I decided to spend some time in the garden tackling weeds and clearing up generally.  We have a new garden refuse wheelie bin and I've now filled it completely.     Up till now, David refused to buy one from the council as they cost over £40 each  (such a cheapskate at times) ... most garden refuse goes on our compost mountain at the back of the garden, but the woody/twiggy/brambly bits need to go to the waste depot and despite our best intentions, we don't make those trips often enough so we do put off pruning and trimming longer than we should.   I just persuaded David that the expensive council bin will pay for itself in the end as the council will empty it for us each fortnight, saving a trip in the car to the council depot!

So I'm now covered in scratches and cuts after battling the brambles, but even an hour's work has made a visible difference.

We're off tomorrow to Nottingham (Patchings Art Gallery) to deliver the 3 pictures I've had juried into the UKCPS Annual Int'l Exhibition which opens at the weekend.   We're driving on to Derbyshire to meet friends we haven't seen for 4 years.  In fact 4 years ago was the first time I met Joanne (Simpson-Connor) and Roy 'in the flesh'.  We'd been e-friends for years after meeting on a Pet Portrait Artists forum and just hit it off.   When Jo finally made an honest man of long-term partner, Roy, we were invited to the wedding and they (and their friends) made us feel so welcome.

Looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow and catching up on all the news.

But ... my pictures still aren't packed up.   Although we're delivering them to the gallery ourselves, they have to have appropriate packaging so they can be returned to me at the end of the exhibition if they don't sell.  Blame the Packing Department (David) ... I've been nagging him for weeks and he's beginning to panic now LOL.    We have carboard and bubble wrap everywhere in the lounge it seems ...  I'm just chilling out with a large glass of red wine letting hubby get on with it (so cruel)

I've been asking David to sort out the packaging for at least 2 weeks .... and now adrenaline (and panic) is starting to kick in ... so he's just emailed me the following article in an attempt to justify being late for everything ...

poor excuse for being late .... Daily Mail

afraid I'm not sympathetic ... I think its just poor planning and procrastination!!!


  1. I assume your glass of wine is like the one in the medicinal email you sent.

    Hope all goes well with the wrapping and meeting up with your friends.

  2. I wouldn't believe it either.

  3. I was NOT panicking. I work best when I have a deadline. I plan everything in advance, like a military exercise. And then in the implementation phase everything progresses like a well-oiled machine. It's not my fault if you keep moving stuff and hiding stuff and disrupt my supply chain.

    And artists have no idea whatsoever of the laws of geometry as applied to folded cardboard. You cannot fold it in two opposing directions at one time, no matter how loud you shout your helpful ideas from the doorway.

    I got it done right and I got it done on time i.e. before it was needed. And serenely like a swan, without panic.

    Now. Is there any of that wine left?

  4. We're off soon .... it should only take about 4½ hours to get to the Gallery (fingers crossed for light traffic on the roads). Then a light lunch and quick look around Nottingham and off to meet Jo and Roy. They live in a beautiful area of Derbyshire so I'll be taking my camera and we'll have a slow drive back home tomorrow

  5. I have mixed feelings re: David - on the one hand I'm a dreadful procrastinator but am almost never late to anything. I was taught it was stealing someone's time to be late. My mother always told us if we couldn't be on time to be early instead of late!

    So glad he got everything packed & I'm sure you're on your way now. Have a wonderful time.

  6. £40 for a bin?!? 0.o glad we get ours free, wouldn't pay for one, nothing to put in it lol nothing but grass and lots of moss :p

    and now that that guy has been diagnosed with chronic lateness, watch so many people blame being late on that :/


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