Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Off to Nottingham now ... I've never been to Patchings Art Centre before but its a very popular venue for art exhibitions and shows so it will be interesting to have a wander round today.   I believe the current exhibitions are montage/collage/mixed media and also a display of work by artists who write 'how to draw' type books.    

The UK Coloured Pencil Society Annual Int'l Exhibition opens on Saturday for the Private View and judging of exhibits, then to the public from 1 September to 6 October.

Sadly I can't stay in the Midlands till Saturday.  I would like to have attended the Private View but have too much to do at home so can't justify the extra few days away and its too far to make the journey twice (to say nothing of the cost of petrol/accommodation).   Will have to rely on photos taken by other attendees.

I just came across this drawing I did a few years ago ... based on Pip, the Collie belonging to Jo and Roy.   We went for a long walk with them during our last visit and Pip had a great time in the water and loved carrying 'his' stick.

Coloured pencil on drafting film

One more coffee 'for the road' and we're off.      I've filled the hedgehog food bowl with dried biscuits so they won't starve tonight ... although I think we over-indulge our little prickly friends as they aren't doing a very good job of keeping the snails/slugs at bay  LOL


  1. I so wish you could stay for the viewing but I understand. All of life is about choices, isn't it?!!!

    Great job on the dog - so typical of them, isn't it?

  2. Enjoy your trip. Love the Collie.

  3. have a good time :D

    wish there more hedgehogs here, there is an annoying amount of slugs and snails here :/ see at least just on the path at night, and about 3-4 dozen next door :/


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