Thursday, 8 August 2013


After yesterday's rant, and before I post about my experience with a certain Courier company - or more precisely the Courier's Agent - how about this lovely video to brighten your day as we head for the weekend.

It was emailed to me by a friend and must confess I was a bit dubious about opening it when I saw the title but turns out Shag Dancing is a kind of swing dance popularised in the 20s in Carolina.  

This is the 2012 Junior II Champs - National Shag Dancing Championship
Usually the female is featured, but here the young man steals the show and she lets him shine.  

He's 17 and she's only 15.   They are dancing to Joe Turner's 'Flip, Flop and Fly'

Guaranteed to make you tap your feet and click your fingers ... and smile!!

2012 Junior Shag Dancing Champions



Jan said...

hee hee I can just imagine what you thought but the truth is that "beach music" and shag dancing is a huge deal especially on the coast of North Carolina.

Loved the video - that kid is really good!

Sue Clinker said...

Isn't he just. I've watched it several times now and it makes me smile each viewing :-)

Polly Birchall said...

Sorry, but can't resist this. How quick is this shag! Where did they get the name from. Oh my. But superb to watch. I have read your previous post, and what a traumatic time for all concerned, but the delay was unforgivable! Poor guy. I also looked at your 'old work' boy are you good. As I have got older I am in some cases more tolerant, but when I grump I grump. Talking about grumpy old women. Love your blogs.

Sue Clinker said...

Well its quicker than a long slow comfortable screw - another one you have to be careful about Googling (as we all know, its a cocktail drink)!!!

Do you know if I had to place bets on which of my e-Blogger friends would be the first to 'snigger' I'd have put you second .... that's why I don't do the lottery LOL

You're being very kind about the 'old work'. I do kind of cringe when I look at some of the portraits but they were done as 'quickies'. Wonder how many of them are hanging on walls, or just got binned???

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very talented young people!

Jo said...

I have shagged in North Carolina, its a fun dance. Shag does not have the same connotation over this side of the pond as it does in England. Haven't watched the video yet, later.

Jan said...

Here is a link that explains Shag Dancing history pretty well.

The 2 most popular areas for beach music and shag dancing (at least in the Carolinas) are Myrtle Beach, SC and Carolina Beach, NC

"Beach music" in the Carolinas isn't at all like California beach music which consists of surfing songs like those from the Beach Boy. Most of the beach music around here is comprised of sort of snappy rhythm and blues songs begun by black groups way back before integration.

Of course, the theme song for shag dancing and beach music in general is "I Love Beach Music" by the Embers.

And some samples of favorite beach music/shag dancing songs:

It's been said that a lot of people learn to shag by practicing with a cabinet door. My other half is a great shag dancer but I have 2 left feet!

Peggy said...

Fantastic dancers and so young!!
I read your post earlier about that poor man. I hope he's doing better now and having to wait that long is ridiculous! I would have though laying in the road not being allowed to move and being in the way of traffic would indeed be life threatening but what do I know :/