Saturday, 30 March 2013


Oh dear, I just looked at the BBCs weather site which shows temperatures in Whitstable are just above freezing with light snow forecast overnight.     Sorry to rub it in .... but here on Fuerteventura the recent unsettled weather has passed, the winds have dropped and yesterday was an absolute scorcher with brilliant blue sky all day.

The temperature in our garden here is 25deg (shade) at 9.30am.     Actually it was just too hot to sit in our sheltered garden yesterday and today will probably be the same so we'll take a walk along the beach path into town to get the sea breeze  (tough life) and I'm sure you sympathise LOL

I had to smile at these pictures taken by Birgit (you may recall I recently did a sepia style portrait of Birgit and her husband Manolo as a first anniversay gift).    Chocolate bunnies sunbathing on the beach path - you can just make out the ferry on the horizon which runs regularly between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

and skinny dipping - well its very important for chocolate bunnies not to overheat!

One of our Fuerte friends, Lynne AKA Catwoman devotes her life here to rescuing sick and/or abandoned cats.   Sadly too many people think its OK to commit to having a pet when they move over here but when/if expat life doesn't suit them they pack up, go home and just leave the animals on the streets.

Lynne regularly rounds up stray cats and arranges with a local vet to neuter them.   Neutered cats have the tip of one ear clipped off so they are easily recognisable.   The cats are either rehomed or, if that's not possible, they are released onto 'safe' patches on local complexes where she maintains feeding/watering stations so they live a semi feral life but are well fed.   Because of her efforts the cats aren't a problem to tourists as they are on many holiday islands.  If cats are too sick to be released she keeps them herself - skin cancer is a problem with some of the lighter coloured animals here.

Lynne arranged a fund-raiser yesterday - an Easter Cake coffee/wine morning at one of the bars in town.   All home made (but not by Lynne) I thought these were cute:

David's personal selection .... you can see he wanted to do his bit to help the cats :-)

Another friend, Val,  has two rescue cats.   One just turned up at her house and decided to stay.  When Catwoman was asked to arrange the neutering she suggested Val ought to get another cat to keep the stray company and she just happened to have one of the same age and colouring at home (!!!)  Never one to miss an opportunity, our Lynne  ..

and this is how the cats stay cool on days like this ..... find a patch of shade, stretch out and let the breeze get to your bits ...

Hmmm her 'sister' hasn't quite tgot the hang of finding a shady spot first

They are both lovely cats .. not sure whether you'd describe them as tortoiseshell or calico?

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter Holiday whatever the weather


Jan/ said...

Oh, what a rough life you live! Actually, the temps sound about perfect to me - under 80F in the shade isn't so bad compared to freezing, is it?

Beautiful desserts and beautiful cats! Give your friend Lynne a big hug from me for all she does.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

calico, torties usually dont have as much white

Sue Clinker said...

Weather cloudy (but warm) here today so we can get some DIY done in the garden (bit of fencing needs renewing but its a messy job and best done in cooler weather)

Not looking forward to getting back to icy weather next weekend!

Thanks Jennifer. I thought they were calico but in the UK I think we still wrongly call them torties.

Jo said...

You do have a rotten life Sue, feel so sorry for you.

Actually, here the snow has all but disappeared and daffodils are beginning to poke out all over the place.

Our chocolate bunnies would not be allowed on the beach in case they melted. God forbid.