Thursday, 14 March 2013


I hate shopping.   Clothes, groceries, furniture I hate it all.   David on the other hand is like a kid in a toy shop when in the supermarket, examining the packets and reading ingredients, comparing prices etc .... so annoying when all I want to do is grab the essentials and get back home.

Now if more supermarkets had cashiers who looked like this I might change my habits.

Think I'll be spreading the grocery shopping over a few days this weeks

This isn't normal by the way,  usually we have lady assistants dressed in standard uniform.  This is all part of the mayhem that is Carnival Week on Fuerteventura .... never know who/what you'll bump into in the street.   

We passed a 'person' pushing a baby in a pram earlier and I'm still not sure if the adult was male or female, the outfit was so good/outrageous.     The BIG day/night is Saturday with the Grand Procession which takes a couple of hours then the (younger) residents head down to the harbour and dance till dawn.    

Oh, this was a cute little chap I met outside the supermarket - not in fancy dress but who could resist those eyes. 

That's it for today.   4pm and I'm going to chill out by the pool for an hour - tough life.   

I understand its minus 2 degress back in Whitstable ...... shame     LOL 


Jo said...

I'm a bit like you, but I do enjoy grocery shopping, maybe 'cos I don't get to do it often. Matt goes at 7 a.m. every Wednesday and I prefer to stay where I am at that time of the day. Clothes shopping leaves me cold. Like your sales clerk, he's rather cute isn't he?

Sounds like you're having fun.

Jan/ said...

Hee hee, bet you'll decide to like shopping a bit more after this! It sounds as if there'll be a lot of photo ops & I hope you put your new camera to work. Also hope you'll share with us!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

bit too young and innocent looking :p

4 inches of snow here :/