Friday, 22 March 2013

22/03: GOLF WIDOW?

Anybody who knows David will know how 'anti' Golf and Golfers he is/was.   He was adamant he wouldn't be sucked into the Golfing fraternity - mainly because he doesn't like the constant reliving of every game, stroke by stroke, in the Bar afterwards .... and also what he perceives as the formality, rules and regulations and the many notices and signs plastered around some of the Club Houses we've seen.

But ..... expat friends here suggested we visited the local 9 hole course on the outskirts of Corralejo (our Town).     We walked there last Saturday, it took us an hour but it was a lovely walk and the course is beautifully laid out in a 'hollow' between some rocky hills - which helps protect it from the famous Fuerteventura winds.

We met our friends as they finished their usual Saturday morning round and joined them for a drink at the Club House verandah where I was chuffed to find how tame the little chipmunks are.  They live in the rocks surrounding the course and they come to call and eat from your hand.

and I was curious about a bird that landed on the practice putting green by the Club House.   Looked quite cute with its little bandit mask

Having Googled it, I now know its isn't so cute after all.   Its a variety of Shrike, often called the Butcher Bird because of its habit of impaling its prey on spikes - barbed wire, cactus thorns etc.  It eats insects and small rodents so the little chipmunk babies need to be pretty careful I guess!

Anyway, after our walk to the course we were invited to a friend's house to have a 'few swings' with some borrowed clubs on a piece of wasteground they'd converted into a golf target area.   David took to it like a duck to water, I wasn't so good and managed to hit the ground and jar my hand badly so ended up with bruised/swollen knuckles!

David played his first round on a proper course on Tuesday.  He did really well (although did lose 2 balls in the water) and ended up just 5 strokes behind Al who took him round and who has been playing here regularly.   Its a very friendly Club and quite informal.  Trainers are permitted and dress code quite relaxed

Proof for those friends who wouldn't otherwise believe David is on a Golf Course

and I was forced to take this photo to show how close he got to a 'hole in one' - this was where the ball landed on his first stroke on hole 7 - yawn!!!

He's hooked!     and off to play another game tomorrow morning.   I will probably go with him as I enjoy the walking and the wildlife.

As well as the chipmunk visitors on Tuesday, look who else came out to grab some biscuits ...

Cute rat eh?    I don't have a problem with rodents as they tend to be furry and have lovely bright eyes etc ... but I really can't cope with spiders.    Thankfully Fuerteventura doesn't have any nasty venomous wildlife (snakes or spiders) so its only the occasional mosquito or jellyfish you have to worry about on the island.

Ratty actually pushed chipmunk away from the cake he'd been eating but I didn't manage to photograph the scuffle unfortunately


Bev said...

I think you are just bragging now Sue, what with all that lovely sunshine. I am only just hanging on with my fingertips, on the point of running out in the cold wind and rain and screaming my head off. :-((

Jo said...

Matt and I were both golfers. Health probs made us quit in the end, Matt nearly cried when he sold his clubs. Its a great game - I was laid off one summer and used to go out at 7 every morning for the whole summer. Loved it. You should try working with a pro Sue, it's more fun if you both go. Do you have a course near you at home? Most golf courses don't allow walkers. Not over here anyway.

Love the pix. You do get some good ones.

Sue Clinker said...

We had 5 minutes of light rain this morning Bev ... but warm rain! Actually the weather was really grey and cloudy so we walked into town and bought DIY supplies as I'm going to rub down/revarnish our front door which has faded badly. It gets evening sun which is still quite strong. By the time we got home the sun was back and its very warm. (sorry)!

I just had an email from a 'neighbour' out here. They've returned to their home in the UK for a couple of months and got home Wednesday evening. They are now snowed in (with no food in the house) so not happy bunnies. They live in Keswick, Cumbria.

Sue Clinker said...

I will get some proper lessons Jo. I had lessons 20+ years ago with the intention of joining (ex) husband when he played. But I just didn't have time (horseriding took precedence). So I sold my clubs without ever having been on a course. Forgotten it all now.

We don't have a course very close to us in the UK. David had several lessons but then didn't really have anybody to go round with as our only golfing friend is VERY good and lives just too far away to make it a regular thing. They don't allow walkers either, which is what is so nice and friendly about this place - that and the weather of course!

Jane said...

Gorgeous photos and lovely animals a part from the rat ! I am just the typical female whining and rushing to the highest place available ( chairs, tables) when seeing a RAT ! And hubby got hooked on golf, I do picture many lonely saturdays for you...but you could still paint :-))

Sue Clinker said...

Oh I'm not complaining Jane LOL

Seriously, when we're back in the UK I don't see him playing much but certainly out here in the sunshine he is enjoying it (so far). I will take lessons so I can join in here then we need to buy some clubs to ship out. He's borrowing clubs at the moment

I really don't mind mice and rats (comes of having two younger brothers who kept all manner of strange pets) but I sympathise with those who don't like or fear them. I'm the same with spiders

Peggy said...

Great picts and sounds like great fun with wonderful sunshine! We're snowing right now :-P
You're the same as me. Our kids hat rats when they were growing up.
I don't mind anything but spiders! Keep those eight legged things away from me! Venomous or not keep them away LOL.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

rats are cool :) very misunderstood little creatures

never ever wanted to golf, unless its a video game :p, but some of the courses are very pretty and look like they would be a nice place to spend an afternoon walking around

enjoy the sun, send some here please. really sick of the snow and wind :p

Jan/ said...

You got some great pictures, Sue. I don't blame David for wanting proof of that "almost" hole in one. The chipmunks are cute and so is the rat to a certain extent. I don't really mind them - just hate it when they get into a building because they make such a mess (we've always lived on a farm) not to mention spoiling horse and chicken feed if left out.

We're also colder than normal & my sister in Colorado sent me a photo of what looks like 8 inches or more of snow!!!! And she says they're to get more! Yikes, she loves it so hope it stays there and you send us some of your sunshine.