Thursday, 7 March 2013


The idea of exhibiting at our local Gallery last week was to try to sell some of the 'practice' pieces I've  produced over the last few years.   Some were created specifically as competition/exhibition entries and others simply to demonstrate my style of work to people considering commissioning portraits.

My studio is crowded with works that I'm bored with looking at.  I need to free up wall space for new work so I was happy that two of the originals sold

Pat's Cat:

and Grace - the Silver Poodle I photographed at a local Dog Show a while back.   I'm not sure if the picture was bought by Grace's owner (which would have been nice) but in any event she has gone to a new home

I also sold several photo prints of my work - some in frames and some simply in mounts with cellophane wrappers so - good result and my banker (David) was happy!   All my business cards were taken so hopefully there will be some commissions in the pipeline in the future. 

Then this morning I had a call from a lady who saw my work at the exhibition last week.  She went home and checked my website but decided she couldn't afford to commission a bespoke portrait just yet and wondered if the spaniel pastel was still available as it reminded her of her own dog.    It is still available and so will be delivered by David tomorrow as the lady lives just a short drive from us.   

Reggie the dog will be en route to Singapore at the weekend.    One of three for the same client but the other two will be finished/shipped together at the end of April.    I'd intended to make this a mid sized portrait just head and shoulders but have actually extended the body and will ship it with the larger mount/mat so the recipient can decide which she prefers when its presented (its a surprise)

This is cropped to where the larger mount/mat fits

and if she prefer less body showing she can swap to a smaller mount/frame which will look something like this:


Jane said...

What a gorgeous portrait, beauuutiful expression and fur !

Jo said...

Personally I prefer the second copy with less leg, but not up to me. Beautiful picture, I feel I could stroke the fur.

Glad you sold some of your stuff whilst at the exhibition.

Polly Birchall said...

These are so wonderful, they look alive I can almost see them breathing. Whoever bought them will love them.
P.S. Did Buffy buy a painting

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jane and Jo :-) Much appreciated.

Polly .... OMG I did a portrait of Angel (dog not vampire) a while back so maybe there's some sort of weird link?? Naw ... not even our warped brains could make that work. BTW I've never seen an episode of Buffy or Angel but have a friend who's madly in Lust with Angel - that's how I know about these two!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

congrats on the sales! :D

hmmm i think the larger matte works better, and you get to see more of the gorgeous fur :)

buffy is a great show, very cheesy, but thats the point. it is very dated now tho :p

Sue Clinker said...

cheesy and dated ...... hmmmm sounds like me

Cathy Holtom said...

Great results, I'm in awe of all that fur on the poodle!

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Cathy. In fact the poodle fur was pretty quick and easy to portray (perhaps I shouldn't admit that). Its coloured pencil on Black sanded paper and the combination just seemed to work for this wiry/flyaway look

Jan/ said...

Great job on the Gallery/Gallery related sales!

and Reggie looks so soft and pettable - the recipient should be very pleased.

Peggy said...

Congratulations Sue on selling some of your pieces :)
Great work, I think I prefer less leg showing as well. Puts the portrait closer to the viewer so they can study that fabulous soft looking fur you've drawn!