Monday, 18 March 2013


What a weekend!

We've hardly been home except to sleep for the last few days - meeting with friends, following the various Carnival events etc.  We're in need of a couple of days rest now and I hope to catch up with emails/Blogs etc this week.

I have never been able to use the Flash facility on my camera and had assumed that the camera was clever enough to cope without.  However, David did a bit of research and found that other users of this model had the same problem which was resolved by taking the camera back to 'factory settings' ... he did this and I can now use flash again - sadly we found out too late for the main Carnival Procession on Saturday evening so the pictures I took aren't best quality.

But I think photos can't do justice to the event anyway, you really have to be there to experience the sights and sounds - so much drumming (they do like their drumming groups out here on Fuerteventura) and really, clever as the Floats are, I much prefer looking at the people on the street having fun.

Despite all the doom and gloom about the economic climate, they put on a fantastic show.  I think the floats may have been less 'flamboyant' this year but there were many more people attending and the parade took about 4 hours to travel the length of the main High Street.  Austerity measures meant that despite this year's theme being 'Caribbean' the thrifty locals were dressing up in whatever outfits they had to hand from previous events - it all added to the fun though.

(Sunday/yesterday evening) was the Burning of the Sardine parade with fireworks on the beach and, again, much drumming and drama ...

but whilst I sort out my photos, here are a few that aren't 'too fuzzy' from the big Carnival Parade on Saturday evening

making an escape bid from Mum ...


Polly Birchall said...

Looks great fun and the photos have created the atmosphere. Oh, is that you in jail for being drum and disorderly?

Jo said...

Nah, not Sue, its a zombie. Looks fun Sue, went to a big carnival in Alicante years ago, incredible. My parents knew a builder (been working on their house) who invited them into the barraca so we all went and had free drinks all night.

Sue Clinker said...

Looks like Blogger is letting me post comments again .. well, at least on my Blog. Will have another go at posting on other Blogs now. Don't you just love computers?

You're right Polly .... this is what I look like after a night on the Town!

Hi Jo.
I think the Carnival and Fiesta (Burning of Sardine) differs slightly from town to town in Spain but .... any excuse for a party!