Monday, 4 March 2013


I have been running round like the 'proverbial fly' today

Here's Reggie the dog with his body fur extended a little more

Then the Goldfinches arrived to distract me ... the sun was shining in the garden and I just picked up the camera and took a few photos - I'm really pleased with this one.  No cropping or adjusting (just reduced in size so Picassa/Blogger don't get sniffy) - this is exactly how it turned out.  I know a professional photographer would do better, but I'm an enthusiastic amateur so humour me :-)

the bird on the left is in the shadows, but I still like the picture

Then it was off to the Spring Meeting of the Whitstable Bowls club this afternoon.   Whilst there I managed to miss a call from the Gallery saying that a Buyer wanted two of my pictures if she could have a 'bulk purchase discount'.   By the time I got the message the potential buyer had left the Gallery to get some lunch with the promise of returning later to find out if I had been contacted and would agree to the discount.    I agreed, but I won't know till tomorrow whether the 'buyer' returned .... I hope she did but time will tell!

Did a little more work on Reggie when I got home late afternoon but then had to collect David from a meeting he was involved in .... so this was photographed in artificial light this evening.   Just to show where the picture will be cropped ... although I extended the pastel out to beyond the mount aperture area so, in theory, the client could make a larger portrait of it by using a bigger mount and frame.

It needs a bit of brightening as the pastel dust has dulled the highlights a bit but I need to get feedback first re. coat colour etc ... then it should just be another hour's work to finish Reggie (fingers crossed)

and I'm chuffed to have received a Blog award from a fellow Artist/Blogger ... more about that in the next post as its heading for midnight and I'm very tired ... still got several emails to answer but they may have to wait till tomorrow when I functioning a bit better  :-)


Jo said...

Lovely bird pix again Sue, I think you are doing a very professional job of photographing them.

Reggie does look a bit washed out in the last pic, the colours are so much more vivid in the first pic. Still lovely though.

Jan/ said...

Sorry to have missed some of your posts, Sue, having a catch-up now and Reggie looks great!

I'm sure your paintings will sell and the customer will be back. She may even contact you after the exhibition closes.

Your bird photos look very professional to me. It's not easy to photograph birds and you've done a stellar job.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully the customer come back *crosses fingers*

the fur on Reggie looks very soft :)

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks ladies.
Yep the two pictures were sold along with another couple of prints today so it was quite successful overall.

Peter Williams said...

Great to hear about the sales Sue and the Goldfinch pictures are beautiful. You've got me thinking now about getting some bird feeders set up right outside my studio window (although that might mean I get nothing done)

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Peter
My studio looks onto our front garden (no feeders/birds) but each time I go walkabout or to get another cup of coffee I always check out the back garden and I leave my camera on the window ledge 'just in case' ....

It would be lethal to have feeders outside my workroom I'm too easily distracted as it is LOL

hmuxo said...

Sue!!!! Reggie is amazing! You did such an incredible job with him..I'm
speechless as always with your work.
The pictures of the birds are awesome. You're a fantastic photographer...A future painting??