Sunday, 7 April 2013


What we saw on our walk two days ago:

The sea is always such a beautiful colour on Fuerteventura

Amazing how much abuse these mobility scooters can take .. this one has been offroading on the beach path

and back home in Whitstable, Kent.     It has been a beautiful bright sunny day - the best day this year apparently so David and I went walking to blow some cobwebs away.   We were out for 3 hours and it was enjoyable but 20 degrees colder than the weather we'd enjoyed on Fuerteventura

Whitstable was packed with tourists and locals determined to make the most of the (weak) sunshine but somehow the views just weren't as good - I know where I'd rather be :-)

Had to smile at this cheeky gull we saw today

I think he was watching the TV through the lounge window .. .but he could just have been admiring his reflection in the window I suppose.    Can't think the car owner will be pleased at the 'calling cards' he'd left on the roof.

OK back to the drawing board now.   Lots of pictures to finish before end April!


Jo said...

Yeah, get back to work, all that lolling around in the sunshine.

I am sure the car owners won't be a bit pleased.

Polly Birchall said...

You've been having too much fun. Got the thermals on?

Sue Clinker said...

I'm struggling with the 'get back to work' bit ... keep finding things to sidetrack me.

No thermals - but I seem to have put on a 'few pounds' whilst away so got my own extra insulation :-(