Tuesday, 12 March 2013


This time tomorrow we'll be at our house on Fuerteventura where the temperatures will be AT LEAST 25 degrees warmer than here in Kent - probably closer to 30 degrees warmer.

We're flying at 'silly hour' tomorrow morning but that's great as it means we'll have done our major shop and be at our house by lunchtime ... relaxing and dozing by the pool by early afternoon!

This weekend is the culmination of a 10 day Carnival and the main procession with floats, dancers, bands etc will be on Saturday evening - always a fantastic spectacle and experience!     It coincides with St Patricks Day celebrations on Sunday so this won't be a quiet weekend on the island methinks!

We travel with handluggage only which means we take advantage of low cost airlines (Ryanair) where handluggage is free (under 10kgs) but suitcases cost a fortune!  We always upgrade to get good leg room.    Downside is we're restricted as to what we can cram into our hand luggage.   We have clothes out there so normally take food and paperback books ... and anything we're asked to bring out by friends.

This trip my bag contains some daffodils (in bud) from our garden as we can't buy them on Fuerteventura and we love the colour/scent.    3 large packs of Cheddar.    One huge chunk of Stilton and 2 kgs of parsnips for a Veggie friend out there.   A couple of mattress protectors (we've only ever seen the plastic covered ones on Fuerte ... for incontinent peeps)  LOL

When we first bought the house there it was very difficult to buy certain essentials (Marmite) but in the last couple of years several new supermarkets have opened on the outskirts of Town and most things are available (but many at very inflated prices).   

We aren't the sort of Brits who go abroad to eat English food, watch English Soaps and Football in Sports Bar (heaven forbid) but we do love Colmans Mustard and Marmite - both of which are very expensive to buy on the island.

Last year we took a jar of mustard in our bags and it got confiscated at Stansted airport (UK) as we'd used the wrong size clear plastic bag for liquids!     Bl**dy jobsworths!    So now we're very careful to use only clear plastic bags issued by the airport at £1 for 2 bags!!

Can you guess what this is?

Yes ... its a 'specimen bottle'    I need to take some stem ginger in syrup out to Fuerte - not a lot - just enough for a dessert I've been asked to make for friends out there.  We've never found it for sale on the island so needs must!     Bearing in mind the restrictions on exporting liquids the only container I could find was this.  But I promise its unused   :-)

If asked, perhaps I'll just make up what body part I'm transporting ... no, never does to joke at airports does it?

Right ... better sign off here as need to do final jobs in the house.   House-sitter arrives tomorrow so everything needs to be in order before she gets here.

Next post will be from warmer climes      

Hola !!


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

You just mentioned all the reasons I hate to fly! Hope you get all to Fuerte without any problems!

Peggy said...

I agree with Jan, I don't like flying! Not because I'm afraid but because of the major hassles and extra $, etc....
Safe trip Sue and enjoy the pool and warmer temps :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

have a good time :D

never understood the people that go on holiday somewhere, but never try anything that is local. might as well stay home then

Jo said...

So please share the dessert recipe Sue, it sounds good. Have a great week. Lucky you. We have snow all around us, not as thick as it was, but its been snowing all day.

Polly Birchall said...

I'm not jealous, really I'm not!!!!!!

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan
We've got the travel down to a fairly fine art now so long as we travel with just handluggage. We collect a car at the airport for 24 hours so we can do all heavy shopping en route from airport to house (all that wine .... sorry I meant bottled water)LOL
We take the car back to the Old Harbour in Town where the hire company has an office and then walk around town and back home along the beach ... very civilised.

Sue Clinker said...

I so agree Jennifer. But, having lived as an ex-pat in Singapore and other countries I do appreciate that sometimes its nice to have a traditional English meal .... and some of our expat friends who live here full time do go out for 'pie and chips' occasionally.

But I don't know why holiday makers have to head straight for the Brit Bars/restaurants!! There are some fabulous Spanish eateries here and the owner managed places are so much friendlier. You can be sure they'll always come out with little tasters and tapas to try ...

Sue Clinker said...

Jo - I'll post the recipe soon, or might email you direct. Just trying to catch up at the moment and internet connection isn't the best here.

Polly you'd hate it :-) (NOT)

Blue sky (well partly today as its a bit cloudy just now). Temperature about 78degrees in our garden, out of the breeze. Its due to warm up more by the weekend.

Been walking along the beach in strappy dress and flip flops and no thermals in sight!!

Jo said...

I never touch English food when I am abroad.

Strappy dress and flip flops, I hate you Sue, I look out the window at snow, snow and more snow.

Have a fun week and eat some tapas for me.