Saturday, 2 March 2013


On this date in 1969 Concorde 001 successfully completed its maiden flight.   How many of you remember that?   Must confess I do - my uncle was involved in the design of one of the components (refrigeration system I believe) so my brothers and I had a special interest.  I was 10¾ at the time (and you know how important those ¼ years are when you are growing up)

Such an iconic plane but sadly the last commercial Concorde flight was 2003 (first commercial flight was 1976) and I never got to experience its supersonic speed

Weather looks similar to what we have today - grey skies again!

Here's the latest progress picture of Reggie the dog .... I probably won't do any more to the portrait till I get some feedback from my client.  I have a selection of ref photos showing the dog from a 'young man' to an advanced age so his coat colouring has altered considerably and I need a bit of guidance here before adding final whilskers etc.   My client isn't available for a few days as she has been whisked away by her husband for a surprise long weekend I'm told.  Lucky lady!

I will need to give this pastel a good spray with fixative as it is going to Singapore so will need additional protection whilst in transit.  Fixative tends to dull colours a bit but it can't be helped ...

We're off now for the usual round of family visiting.  I'm also going to deliver the family group portrait to my client's Mum-in-Law who will keep it safely till next Sunday when it will be presented to the recipient as a Mother's Day Gift.     The delivery address is only 30 minutes drive from where my Mum lives so I'd rather hand deliver the portrait than entrust it to couriers as it is rather large!


Jo said...

I was very sad when they abandoned the Concorde. I know a couple of people who got to fly on it.

Dog looks lovely Sue, I hope you won't have to age him any more, he looks perfect to me. I feel as though I know him. What's his name, do you know?

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jo
His name is Reggie

I'm thinking of just continuing the body fur down to the bottom left corner. A fellow artist Blogger (Peter Barker) drummed it into me some time ago that it is totally unnatural to 'truncate' the animals/pets as I used to do ... and I have those words ringing in my ears each time I do a portrait like this LOL

Polly Birchall said...

I have nominated you for a Liebster award I think you may have heard of it. See my watercolour blog of today Sunday.

Jane said...

Extraordinary portrait...totally looks like a photograph ! Your client will be thrilled !