Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I was asked to lengthen Maggie's mane a little, then the portrait was approved.   This is how it looked in the two different size mounts/mats.  Ignore the shadows around the edges of the mounts/mats - they're simply laid on top of the portrait for demonstration purposes and not fixed

The smaller mount with aperture 14 x 10" to fit standard frame size 18 x 14"  (which is what I call my 'medium' size)

and this is how it looked in the slightly larger mount - aperture size 16 x 12" to fit standard frame 20 x 16".

My client preferred the larger mount so it has been packed up and despatched to the Post Office  this afternoon for delivery tomorrow.

Although that was the last of the Christmas commissions I will be working on the terrier I posted about recently, and also I will finally get back to a couple of graphite commissions which have been relegated to the back burner for a while.  

Charlie's mum is pleased with the likeness but has reservations about the colour of his coat which she feels needs to be a little darker so I've been doing a little work on that.  It is always difficult gauging fur/hair colour when relying on photos taken at different times of year/different light conditions etc., and its even more frustrating that colours will look different depending on the viewing monitor/screen.     Poor Charlie dog was woken from his nap on the bed to be sat next to the photos I'd been emailed so my client could confirm which photo showed the coat colour most accurately.  I'm told he was very confused by it all!!   

I will be doing my usual Wednesday voluntary day job at Pilgrims Hospice so will work more on Charlie on Thursday.   I'll then try to scan/stitch the portrait to get a more accurate picture to email to Charlie's mum.  Taking photos, even with daylight bulb lamps, at this time of year is very hit and miss.


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Thanks for showing the horse in the mounts. It's looks better in the larger one - not as cramped.

And Charlie looks great. I don't know his true color of course but you did a lovely job on him.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hope charlie got some biscuits for being woken up ;p

Anonymous said...

nice images

sue said...

Thanks Jan, Jennifer and 'anon' :-)

Not sure about the biscuits Jennifer, but I can tell he's a very much loved doggy so I'm sure he got some kind of treat. I love to hear/see such nice stories about rescue dogs finding the 'right' homes.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Sue,got that scruffy wiry look on Charlie just right.

Hope you have a great Xmas and New Year.

Chrissy said...

Yeah, you have really got that look for sure. Have a wonderful Christmas Sue...Best wishes to you and yours.XX

hmuxo said...

Sue!!! How did I miss this horse and this beautiful wiry dog...I can almost feel the texture of his fur!!!You did an amazing job with them.

sam said...

Charlie is really super Sue, you've captured a happy creature and that hair is so lifelike)

sue said...

HI Sam, long time no speak :-) Hope you are well.

Charlie is still in my studio - he wasn't required for Christmas and now I'm back after the holiday I can see areas that need tweaking. He is cute isn't he??