Sunday, 4 December 2011

04/12: NO SH*T !!

We live by the sea.   We accept that we'll be woken by screaming gulls at 5.30am most mornings!  but enough is enough!! This post was intended to be about gratitude .... and respect!!  but I don't expect the gulls to read or respond.    Gulls 1 -v- Humans 0 

We live in a very 'light' house with lots of tall windows  -  Just look at what they've done to the windows in our hallway!   Target practice I think!

We love our garden visitors - and look after them as best we can ... but I think they are beginning to take the 'pee'

15 fatballs disappeared from the bird feeders over the last two days ... who ate all the fatballs then??

After a couple of colder days with frosty mornings the birds and squirrels all seem to be more frantic and the garden has been buzzing with activity ... the starlings have been devouring the windfall apples

the hedgehogs have also been busy .... but much to our dismay they've been leaving not-so-little calling cards on the doormat in the entrance to our front door.    At first the little parcels were quite discreet and tucked away to the side of the mat ... but recently they've been left slap bang in the middle of the mat so we have to be careful when leaving or entering the house ... I still haven't worked out if the 'packages' are a comment on the food we leave them (they don't like Tesco cat food) or if they are 'thank you' gifts!  

We had to make an emergency trip to a local garden centre late afternoon to stock up on fatballs - we were offered packs of 5 fatballs (at £1.09 per pack) or their own brand in tubs of 30 on offer for  £7.95.    The guy behind the till couldn't understand my questioning the mathematics behind this 'offer'     I spent some time explaining that buying 6 x packs of 5  at £1.09 each  was considerably cheaper than their discounted tub of 30 balls at £7.95 ...  sometimes I despair ....

anyway ... 25 new fatballs in the feeders tonight so the garden visitors should be happy for a day or two.

I had a wonderful message from my client regarding the portrait of the two sisters (delivered yesterday) it really made me quite tearful ... always nice to get such lovely feedback - makes it all worthwhile!

and I did get a little artwork done today - here's the latest on the beautiful dog portrait:

I'm out tomorrow - delivering the Lapphund portrait and having a wander around Royal Tunbridge Wells - its ages since I've been there so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, has changed in the last few years.   Many years ago I did a lot of clay pigeon shooting (I was Kent Champion in 1985) and used to buy my guns/cartridges/accessories from Chris Potter Guns at Tunbridge Wells - I wonder if he is still there?

I do have a couple of Christmas gifts to buy so hoping for inspiration as I believe there are some rather nice shops in the new Town!  Anyway, David and I don't seem to have a lot of free time together so it will be nice just to 'escape' for a few hours.

Will get back to this dog portrait on Tuesday and, subject to client's comments, hope to have it finished by the end of the week and then its on to another dog and/or some graphite portraits which have been on the back burner.


Amatheya said...

It sounds like you're under siege from your garden guests! I'd be slightly worried were I you ;o)

I have issues with magpies myself. They seem to think the crack of dawn is the perfect time to tap-dance on my roof!

As always, gorgeous dog portrait. I'm sure his owner will be over the moon :o)

Jennifer Rose said...

and its usaully after you just had the windows cleaned :/

math is not everyone's strung point :p

Jan/ said...

Sue! What a gorgeous portrait! That fur is incredible! And I'm so glad your client made you cry with their comments on the portrait - I know how hard you worked on it. Have fun tomorrow and take the time to really enjoy your time back in Tunbridge Wells!

sue said...

We don't get many magpies here - think the seagulls intimidate them (probably the only bird that can)! Seagulls nest on the roof of our neighbour's house. Two adults and one juvenile sit there screaming at each other for hours (just normal conversation to them). They are quite amusing, but very noisy

The dog was gorgeous wasn't she. I'm told she was found as a stray but definitely fell on her feet and ended up with a loving family. Sadly she passed away this year so the portrait is by way of a memorial.

Too true Jennifer!

Thanks Jan ... yes I was really chuffed to get such a wonderful reaction :-) Just off now - I don't enjoy shopping but visiting a different (historic) town will make things more interesting/exciting I hope.

Bev said...

I too live at the seaside and I think gulls are my least fave bird. Noisy and messy! A neighbour insists on throwing stale bread on his carport roof for the gulls and as my car is parked just next to his carport...guess what my car looks like?

I have crows and magpies too and they go through the fat balls as quickly as your squirrels. I would like to see some tits but they don't get a look in, and the starlings finish what drops on the ground. The little guys cant win!

sue said...

Hi Bev. The seagulls tend not to land in our garden and we have 'anti-gull' spikes on the aerial/roof to discourage them but every now and then we get one fly straight into the glass on the patio doors and we get a perfect 'bird print' on the glass.

I'd never feed the gulls and can understand how annoying that must be!

We do get plenty of sparrows and blue/great tits in the garden but they all seem to have their own set times to visit ... its weird but seems to work nicely.

Janet Pantry said...

Striking doggie portrait, Sue ... and touching story too. Wish I lived by the sea, we are about as far away from it as you can get in England! Love your garden pics ... unfortunately we have too many cats to see many birds in our garden, except for the pigeons .. they are huge, fearless and regularly crap all over my car in the drive! :(

Peter Williams said...

I don't mind the gulls at all....essence of the seaside.

We keep getting rats in the garden though. They come over from the surrounding farmland and live under the sheds. Live on bird food.....not popular at all. I catch as many as I can in my humane traps, then release them back in the wild before they get poisoned by murderous neighbours.

sue said...

Thanks Janet. I'm told the dog has more white on her chest (not shown in the ref photo) so am awaiting more pics before completing the portrait. I don't like pigeons!

Hi Peter - sounds as though you need a third dog, maybe a Jack Russell or similar 'ratter' :-)