Monday, 19 December 2011


I've emailed this photo to my client and am awaiting feedback regarding any 'tweaks' required before I add the final touches .... I will do a little tidying up whilst waiting to hear but hopefully I can complete her today or tomorrow morning and despatch the portrait for delivery Wednesday ... cutting it fine!!

This was the previous WIP photo.  

In an effort to simplify my size/price guide I refer to 'small'  'medium' and 'large' portraits as my 'standards'.    

This mare is a 'medium' size so she is drawn to fit a mount with aperture 14" x 10".   However, I often 'expand' the portrait so my clients can, if they wish, use a larger mount/frame.  The horse/dog/cat is no larger but there is a greater expanse of background visible.    In my next update I'll photograph the portrait showing different size mounts to better explain what I mean


Julia Ruffles | fine artist said...

beautiful horse Sue! I love the subtle changes in colouring :) Hope you have a wonderful festive xmas and prosperous new year! Jules

Colette Theriault said...

He sure is lovely Sue! Curious to see the diff. size mounts.
Happy Holidays!!

Jan/ said...

Beautiful job on this, Sue. I understand what you're saying about the mounts/mats as I do the same thing but I do it by standard frame size instead of the small, medium, large.