Monday, 12 December 2011

12/12: STUFF!!

Stuff! is the title used by me and an artist friend when we couldn't think of titles for our emails ....  and tonight I'm tired and can't think of a title for my Blog post!

I made the adjustments to the Cocker Spaniel this morning, and the revisions have been approved.   So she has now been mounted (pardon me) and packaged up ready for despatch in the next day or so:

and ... on to Charlie!!

I received an email this morning from Charlie's 'Mum' who had popped in to have a look at my Blog and discovered the first progress pics.    I normally don't send WIP pics to my clients until they've got past the 'ugly' stages where I've generally just laid down some basic lines/colours before building up the finer detail.   So I was pleased, but a little anxious about her thoughts at this stage.    She told me she won't be checking in again so she won't 'pester' me.  

But, Hello Tracey :-)   I do hope you will look in regularly to ensure I'm on track with Charlie.  Once I've got the basics in place I'd really welcome your thoughts to ensure that the end portrait is just as you want.

I did a little more work on him today - I'm concentrating on getting the base colours in place which will really start coming to life when the top layers of fine/stray hairs are added.     In the reference photo Charlie is 'backlit' by bright sunshine which makes the outer hairs look really white and bright ....

Unfortunately, I had to photograph this using flash tonight so the camera has emphasised the white bits that were drawn in to  check that they'd show against the background  ... but this photo is just to show that I've not been idle today and I'm having fun with this lovely character.

I won't be spending much time at the drawing board for the next couple of days so .... back on Thursday with the next updates!


Doreen Cross said...

Love them both The Cocker Spaniels have such sad eyes and you have captured them so beautifully.

Charlie has very happy eyes. and looks a little cheeky. LOL.

Great job on both. Hope you get sdome time to relax before Christmas with all the commissions.

Colette Theriault said...

Lovely finish on the cocker spaniel Sue and great start on the other pup.
I always feel a bit sad when my portraits are sent off to their new owners...having spent so much time working on them, some part of me feels like I have come to know them eventhough I have only seen them on photographs.

sue said...

Thanks Dors :-) Not much relaxation time before end December ... but then we fly to Fuerteventura to really 'chill out'

I know just what you mean Colette and especially true when the owner has taken time to tell you about the personality/traits/history of the subject - if you haven't had the chance to meet them (and we seldom get that opportunity)

Jan/ said...

So glad the owners approved the Cocker Spaniel Sue as you did a great job.

But my favorite is Charlie as his eyes fair sparkle and I just love the wispy fur!

Janet Pantry said...

Great finish on the Cocker Spaniel, Sue, aren't those eyes sad though :(

I love Charlie and his whispy, wayward hair! I do like that background too, it really sets off the portrait beautifully.

And lucky ol' you going off to Fuertaventura, I just looked out the window here in gloomy Bedfordshire ... grim! ;)