Tuesday, 13 December 2011

13/12: NO EMAILS - URGENT!!!

As of 2000 hours this evening my Windows Live Mail account has been wiped out  ... every message box is empty so I have no history of sent/received/stored emails.   

Having done a Google search for a solution it appears that this is not uncommon with Windows Live Mail but I cannot find a way to find/restore the missing emails.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Please ... if anybody has emailed me since 8pm this evening, re-send the message as if I haven't responded its because I haven't seen it.

Needless to say I'm at my Wits end and will appreciate any help

OK - I found a way to restore Live Mail (Previous Version) which has reinstated all emails up to 0930 today - so all I have lost is emails received/sent between 0930 and 2000 hours.     

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