Friday, 16 December 2011


This is my last Christmas commission, a beautiful mare I started work on today.   I'm using pastels on Fisher 400 sanded paper.

I've got the base colours blocked in now and will work more on the finer detail on Sunday.   Last posting day for Royal Mail Special Delivery is Thursday 22nd (guaranteed delivery 23rd)  but I'd prefer to have this in the post a couple of days earlier.    It's a 'last minute' order which I agreed to fit in  as I can't resist a horse :-)

Although we escaped the snow/hail in our little part of the World, the weather has been very overcast and the light wasn't good for taking photos - even with daylight bulbs!

So, in my usual undisciplined style ... I outlined the horse, removing her bridle and rug at my client's request.  I always have to draw in the eye first but then I got fixated on the ears for some reason (!!)

The ears won't look quite so odd once I start strengthening the colours elsewhere

Getting there .....

I'm really 'flitting' around on this one ... but I'm pleased with how much I achieved today.   Its a combination of starting early and not getting distracted by the computer which  'died' on me yesterday.  Its been taken back to 'factory settings' and is still not working properly, refusing to run Firefox, Chrome, Paint Net.   I/we (this is a job for hubby I think) now have to really get tough with  the 'Tech Guys' who we pay a monthly fee to for support.   They've never managed to sort out any problem for us yet so I've had enough!!!    Their boast is that if the problem can't be fixed they'll replace the machine with a brand new one FREE ...  Watch this space :-)

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Bev said...

Looking good Sue, love the eye.
Wow, working right up to the limit, but I imagine the recipient will be very pleased you agreed to do it.