Friday, 2 December 2011


I've had a 'bitty' but productive day, cleared a bit of space in my studio, did more work on the current dog portrait and cleared the last of the apples from our tree/lawns to take to the stables tomorrow - around 200 apples I think (tiny but very sweet tasting)

This is where I've got to with the current dog portrait - I haven't sent any WIP photos to my client yet but will do so on Monday when further advanced

The portrait of two sisters will be delivered tomorrow in a double cream mount:

The portrait of my client's daughter with her dog won't be collected until after Christmas but today we've agreed on the frame which it will be presented in (one of my home stock frames):

The Lapphund portrait will be delivered on Monday - meeting the client halfway between his home and mine (and I'll take the opportunity to have a look around the shops at our meeting place - Royal Tunbridge Wells)!!

The only completed portrait unaccounted for so far is the portrait of Shona ... I'm still awaiting responses to my emails to the client.  He works overseas and I'm not sure exactly when he will be back in the UK to collect the portrait - some time soon I believe.

So just two more to complete by 3rd week December and some scheduled for next year which I can bring forward if I have capacity .... at this rate I'll make time to do some housework!

We're off tonight to support our local Group 'Whitstable Electric Theatre' who are committed to bringing cinema back to Whitstable.  Tonight they are screening The Godfather (recut version) in one of the Galleries at our local Arts Centre.   I'm not a great cinema goer .. I tend to fall asleep watching films/TV but to be honest the chairs are so uncomfortable at the Art Centre I fear the only thing falling asleep tonight will be my backside!

On that happy note - have a great weekend everyone


Sjamesportraiture said...

Lovely work, housework? If you get some time off surely there's something more interesting to do?!

Jennifer Rose said...

never seen the godfather, keep meaning to read the book tho

love the fur on the dogs :) so very soft looking

Janet Pantry said...

You certainly have a way with those dogs, Sue ~ drawing/painting them I mean! Nice soft fur as Jennifer said.
And did you enjoy the Godfather? I remember seeing it when it first came out, excellent ~ better than the sequels. The last film I saw at the cinema was the King's Speech, well worth seeing if you haven't already.

Hmm .. housework? What's that? !

sue said...

Well I like to mention housework occasionally - gives the impression I know what it means :-)

Jennifer - you must see the film its 'a classic' for sure. I saw it as a teenager more than 30 years ago and had forgotten most of it. Am now looking at buying Godfather II to watch at home. I've heard that Godfather III isn't so good though.

Hi Janet .. even better second time round - kept me engrossed (and awake) despite the uncomfortable chairs.

I haven't seen the King's speech - I rarely watch films unless on tv when I can watch little bits to suit my short attention span!

Jan/ said...

Hey Sue! Wow! You're on the ball and looking good here! I've been a real sluggard I fear and need you to come crack the whip over me.

I think the last movie I saw other than on tv was Dolly Parton's 9 to 5! That tells you how much I like movies! lol Glad you enjoyed this one the 2nd time around though.

After all this excellent work, treat yourself to something besides housework!

Chrissy said...

A lovely set of work Sue. You have been busy :) I agree with the comments above but, am equally in awe of the people. You have to be so damn accurate to get them right and they both look stunning. As for housework....I need to do some of that too!!

sue said...

Thanks Jan
Its normally you I'm struggling to keep up and once you're fully recovered from the 'bug' there'll be no keeping up with you I'm sure!!

Thanks Chrissy.

you are 100% right about the human portraits - the stress levels go through the roof with each one. But I've just had a voicemail message on my phone, and an email from my client saying that this portrait brought tears to their eyes and will be treasured forever ..... makes it all so very worthwhile.

We've got all the family round for Boxing Day .... so I think I can get away with not doing too much housework till then :-)

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Sue, you amaze me - you work so tirelessly, both with your art, your volunteering, and all the things you do. You are an inspiration and a wonderful artist - good for you!!! :)

sue said...

Wow Karen ... that's definitely 'pot calling the kettle black' - sorry that's an English expression so hope you're familiar with it.

I take your comments as a great compliment