Saturday, 17 December 2011


For a modest fee you can get 'up close' to my lovely old mare, Roxy!    At this time of the year when she is encased in Winter rugs 24/7 she can get a little 'ripe' which I don't normally mind or even notice whilst at the stable yard

Today, we did our usual round of family visiting - both mums and David's daughter/partner/grand-daughter - it was dark and very cold by the time we got to the stables to visit Roxy.    I had to spend time cleaning her legs with antiseptic wash which isn't a great task in this cold weather and I realised too late that I didn't have a heavy stable coat with me ... so I decided to keep my 'day' quilted coat on whilst doing the necessary.

Being in such close proximity meant that when we left the yard to drive home the 'essence of Winter Horse' soon permeated the car as the coat, and I, warmed up.    I wasn't really happy when David suggested doing our weekend shop on the way home tonight rather than making another trip out tomorrow but .. what the hell!!.    

As I started to warm up in  the heated interior of the supermarket there were a few wrinkled noses and accusing looks when I got up close to other shoppers ... I was very embarrassed to start with but soon realised how I could use this to my advantage .... the crowds parted as I headed purposefully towards my selected food items and any slow movers were soon sent packing if I stood right up close to them and waved  my arms around a little :-)

All offending clothing went straight into the washing machine when I got home ... but it was quite an eye opener.  If only I enjoyed shopping - I'd be tempted to try this technique when the Boxing Day sales start on Monday .... 

and here's the lady herself


Chrissy said...

LOL, I like that ;) So far I have managed to avoid the shops quite well...but, I am going to have to brave them soon

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

LOL!! def. one way to beat the long lines :p

Doreen Cross said...

OMG. Love it. I just let Nev go do the food shopping mostly but I do have to brave it one day this week as I want to do the Christmas food (goodies) shopping myself.

Jan/ said...

What a great idea! Wonder if it would work with "over-ripe" dogs? lol

Your Christmas horse portrait is looking good! Now if you can just get your computer working right!