Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Yesterday was one of those days when it seems anything that can go wrong, will go wrong .... had to check it was Tuesday 13th and not Friday 13th.

It started when we got a call cancelling a meeting David and I had been about to attend - we've waited 29 weeks  and got the cancellation call 2 hours before the appointment.  The person we were meeting was sick and as she worked from home and had all the relevant papers there, nobody could take her place.

In the ensuing telephonic 'discussions' I totally overlooked my appointment at the spine clinic so got a call from the receptionist and had my wrist slapped :-)
Having unexpected time on his hands, David thought it was an opportune time to test the burglar alarm system and replace worn batteries etc., so the deafening shrieks coming from the house at various intervals weren't just from me!!  Oh it was heaven in our house yesterday :-)

and as evident from last night's panic Blog post ... Windows wiped out all my emails.   I check emails periodically through the evening and all was fine at 7.30 but at next check every mail folder was empty.  The system hadn't crashed and there had been no updates so far as I could tell ... but the messages had all vanished.     David tried unsuccessfully to find/restore them for about 2 hours.        This has apparently happened to lots of LiveMail users judging by all the cries for help posted on the 'net.  

Eventually I found a way to reinstall a previous session of Live Mail which recovered all messages barring those received/sent yesterday so feeling a little happier now.

Anyway, I did more work on the little terrier and have emailed this to his 'mum' for guidance regarding his coat.   In the reference photo there is a lot of hair obscuring his eyes - I've omitted these but waiting for approval or otherwise before carrying on.  Its easier to add more hairs than to remove them.

Colour isn't true as the photo was taken early evening in artificial light.

I'm out for the day doing my voluntary 'job' at the Pilgrims Hospice eBay office ... back at the drawing board tomorrow ...  happy days!


Jan/ said...

Poor Babies! It seems that everything happens all at once doesn't it? Charlie is looking very good & I'm sure his mum will be very happy with the portrait!

As for Live Mail, don't get me started! I've had that happen to me but fortunately, it was just my Hotmail accounts that were affected. However, it's happened often enough that I'm seriously considering switching to the Thunderbird email client or something other than Live Mail!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great job with charlie's fur, def. looks like terrier fur :)

haven't used live mail or hotmail for years now, too many problems and too much spam :/

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

I bet 'Mum' was thrilled to bits Sue - I love how you have done the background for this handsome fellow - it really enhances Charlie and makes him pop out - beautiful work!!! :)

Doreen Cross said...

What a day indeed Sue. I bet you were glad when it was over.
Awesome portrait what a gorgeous dog. You have done a great job of this. Love it.

As for Windows Live. I had a lot of trouble at one time. I still have an account but I don't use it much at all.
I use Gmail which I think is superb and very up to date. It also includes smartr...all your contacts and their photos in a box so that you just click on the photo and up comes an email to write to then.
I love it. It's worth a try and you can also use chat.
Glad you got your emails restored.

Lene said...

phew - what a day you had :)
the terrier looks terrific, great job on the fur!

sue said...

Thanks to you all for commenting - the reason for my slow response is entirely due to computer problems ...

I appreciate your support - its keeping me sane :-)

"JeanneG" said...

Just lovely. Love all the little hairs. I have a mini schnauzer and have never drawn or painted her because of all the hairs that go every which way. Good job. Hope all your problems get better soon.

So funny about the shopping trip with the "horse" coat. My sister-in-law said she starts coughing really hard when someone invades her space or won't get out of the way. Seems to work.