Friday, 1 October 2010


Its an absolutely horrible day in Whitstable - rain and wind and too many craneflies.

 I hate this time of year when the craneflies arrive in droves .. the outside of our house is rendered in a pale cream colour which seems to attract them and they are spreadeagled over most of the walls.

 At night they fly in as soon as any door or window is opened.   I really don't like them.  

Its a race to get into the house and close the door before they follow.  The females are laying eggs on the lawn and you can hardly see grass for all these little critturs ...

Anyway, we went out to lunch unexpectedly today so I haven't got very far with my art .. this is the latest update on the Shih Tzu cross.   He really is a mass of unruly hair!

Well that's it for today.

I shall be out for most of tomorrow visiting family and my retired horse (just hope the rain lets up a bit in the morning)    Tomorrow evening I'll do a final check on the two double human portraits which are being collected on Sunday.  I haven't signed them yet so I'll do that before wrapping them.

As I'm a little ahead of schedule (thanks to not having to visit Richard in Hospital) I may start work on a big cat picture next as I need a few more exhibition pieces for the week I have Gallery space booked in Whitstable (17 - 23 November).

My next commission is a 3 child group portrait in coloured pencil but that is scheduled for around 10th October so I have a few days to 'play'.

Hope you are all keeping well and busy.  Have a great weekend


Dors said...

Hi Sue. Oh those awefull flies I can see why they would drive you.

The Shih Tze is gorgeous Lovely bright eyes and wt nose. Love it.

Keeping well and busy here thanks. I see all is going well with you.

Jan said...

Ugh! on the bugs! Spiders are beginning to make themselves a nuisance here!

Your little Shih Tzu is darling and I think you're on the right track with the fur. Knowing you, I'm sure the likeness is perfect.

Can't wait to see your new big cat painting!

pett paintings said...

Hi Sue, I'm ok with the craneflies... they certainly amuse the cat LOL but yesterday just as we got into the car my hubby passed me "something" that he had picked up from the footwell thinking it was a sweet wrapper or something I took it from him.....I nearly leapt out of my skin when it fluttered in my hand! of course it was a B****y cranefly! (NOT funny)
Your Shih Tzu portrait is gorgeous!! no mean feat tackling all that wayward fur! :-)x

sue said...

I think the cranefly attack is on the wane ... there are certainly fewer on the walls by the front door.

Aren't husbands sooooo funny (not) at times Kay :-)

Thanks for your comments about the Shih Tzu ladies. Its very different from my normal way of working so I have mixed feelings .... but will leave it for a day or so and email the client for approval.

sam said...

The Shih Tzu looks fantastic Sue, i love that hair!