Sunday, 17 October 2010


We had a late night/early morning and are both very 'jaded' today ... so I did a little more on the 3 child portrait  but thought it best to put it to one side till tomorrow when I've had a decent night's sleep.    My client has been on holiday for a few weeks but I think he is back this weekend and I'll find out soon whether its possible to show WIP pictures.

I had intended to make a start on the next '3 person portrait' commission as that will also be in coloured pencil .. but not a good idea until the brain is in gear again!

So I played around with the Cheetah picture a bit more  - David still doesn't like this one.  He doesn't think it stands out enough from the background ... so I spent an hour darkening the background slightly by applying dark green, dark blue and black coloured pencils on the reverse side of the film.  Drafting film doesn't take many layers of colour so this is about as dark as I can get it - bearing in mind the picture will be finished with a white backing sheet behind the film.

My purpose was to make the Cheetah's eyes stand out so I don't mind that the rest is a bit 'insipid' ..  I'm calling it a day on this one now.


Well I hope everyone had a great weekend ... and I'll catch up with all my outstanding emails etc tomorrow - apologies and all that!!!


Vic said...

I like this one, it almost has a watercolour feel to it, and the eyes do stand out nicely...having said that I have not mastered drafting film yet with all previous attempts ending up in the bin.

Jan said...

I think David is wrong about this one. I think it stands out enough - some time ago I blogged about camouflage paintings and cheetahs are known not only for their speed but also blending in with their environment.

To me, IF the cheetah doesn't stand out enough, that's a good thing - it's just being a good cheetah.

sue said...

Cheers Vic and Jan

I've just substituted the second photo - I found a mount/frame at home which fitted the picture and follows your camouflage theory perfectly Jan. Now its framed I can't 'faff' around with it any more.

Dors said...

I love it Sue. I am immediately drawn into those eyes and they are stunning.

Great job.

sue said...

Thank you Dors - I'm plotting my next Big Cat now :o)