Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I hadn't heard from the UKCPS as to whether my 'Hunting Tiger' picture sold at the Stamford Gallery last month so I 'phoned the Gallery direct and eventually found that YES it did sell!   so I've now passed that information to the man who emailed me to find out whether he could buy the picture direct from me.

There is a possibility that he might be interested in 'Daydreaming Tiger' which wasn't listed for sale at Stamford as I plan to exhibit it at the Horsebridge Gallery, Whitstable in November.  I'm waiting to hear from him.

I've got so many Big Cat photos taken at various sanctuaries/zoos etc that I'm really enjoying actually using some of them for exhibition work.

Anyway, more progress on the Tiger.   I've had Hunting Tiger and Daydreaming Tiger - not sure what to call this one - any ideas?   I've got a grumpy tiger in mind for the next one (possibly)

As usual, I'll apologise for the poor photos ..... but it has been drizzly/overcast again all day.   These look a bit 'washed out' and drab but  I'll worry about 'tweaking' the scan to adjust colours when the Tiger is finished.

and one taken a couple of hours prior to this  where I'd worked on the tiger's right paw/leg and some of the shadows etc on the tiger's face/body - well I did say I'd been 'flitting'

Tomorrow we are taking Richard out for lunch (picking his Nan and Sister up en-route) so I don't think I'll be getting any work done as it will be a fairly full day.

So see you again on Thursday :o)


pett paintings said...

I'm having a busy Wednesday too Sue .....no artwork will be attempted :-(
Just a thought........ Have you realised how much this biggy is going to cost to frame? My big tiger has ended up buried in a portfolio under the bed until I can afford to frame it! wish I'd painted it in oils now :-(

sue said...

I've got a lovely framer who keeps costs to a minimum for me - even so, I agree it will be expensive.

Confession time ... David and I saw a very large frame and mount in a Charity shop - great condition and just £4. So we bought it and this picture was intended to fit the mount/frame .... but I misjudged the size. I could use the mount/frame but would have to chop off paws or ears ... so this Tiger will be professionally mounted/framed and the cost will be built into the selling price ... and I'll start another large cat to fit the aforementioned frame next time I have a break from commissions!

But I'm on a roll just now and (unashamedly) enjoying having sales from exhibitions which is quite a new venture for me!! Big Cats are definitely lucky for me in 2010!

Chrissy said...

I think this one lends itself to "Paws" . Lovely work Sue and I hope you enjoy your day away tomorrow, have a nice lunch :-)

sue said...

Thanks Chrissy.

Now that Richard is out of hospital its great not to be commuting 3 times weekly to visit him .... but he is 'housebound' at his Mum's house now whilst he continues his rehab ... so going out for a pub lunch is good for us all!!

I like Paws (thanks) .... might lengthen it to Paws for thought! I'm so useless at thinking of titles :o)

artbykarie-ann.co.uk said...

he's fabulous Sue, as for a suitable title, he does need something regal as he is posing for his portrait, I still can't think of anything myself apart from The King of the Jungle as he truly is .I'm pretty rubbish (could use another word really) at titles and just use wildlife art, dog portrait etc, what a poor show!!!

Jan said...

The paw that looks finished is great - it looks so soft and plush. I'm either great or terrible at titles and can't think of anything at the moment but I'll keep thinking.

Have a great time with Richard and the rest of the family. Tell him we're thinking of him and wishing him well!

Teresa said...

Hi Sue,

Congrats on the sale of your painting... that's great! (in time for Christmas funds!).

You've been busy... been looking over your wips on the tiger and it is interesting to see how you work. I tend to jump around a lot too... whatever catches my attention that needs doing is where I head to. No rhyme or reason ;-)