Wednesday, 29 September 2010


If I hear nothing (particularly from clients) I start to worry that something is wrong ... they don't really like the portrait etc .... I think secretly many of my fellow artists feel the same way?  we're mostly quivering insecure wrecks (apologies to any who aren't, of course) :o)

But its been a lovely few days for me ... I had an email from a client who commissioned a portrait of a chocolate labrador as a wedding gift for her son a few months back.  She was pleased with the portrait at the time, but has just been back in touch to say that the wedding went very well and the portrait gift was a great success and is hanging on the lounge wall of the 'happy couple'.

The lady for whom I've just completed two x double human portraits will be collecting them from me on Sunday so we can meet in person to discuss future portraits she'd like done - which is always lovely to hear of course.  (I can't show the portraits here as they are intended as surprise gifts in October)

I've also received the cheque from the London Gallery where my picture of a Ragdoll cat sold earlier this month

and the best news of all is that my stepson, Richard, is out of hospital after 22 weeks.    He was allowed home on Friday and will continue his recovery programme whilst living with his Mum.  We'll give him a few days to settle back home and will take him out for lunch next week.   So no more treks up to London 3 times a week to visit him in hospital :o)

Now ... back to reality.

I worked some more on the black lab today and emailed my client for critique/approval.    She asked me to make the dog's muzzle/mouth area more grey and to draw in a suggestion of an ear on the dog's 'far' side to balance it up a little.   The ref photos are taken in quite harsh sunlight so I wasn't sure whether the white I could see on the dog's face was glare or whether it was actually white hair.    I erred on the side of caution but its easy enough to adjust the colouring at this stage.

This is the latest version with the 'tweaks' - the picture is a little dark and in reality the white muzzle is a little more 'white'

and, yep!!!!  I've just heard back from my client that the 'picture is perfect' .... I was expecting to have to do several more minor adjustments to ensure the likeness is as good as I can get it ... but she's happy with this:

these are the pics of the previous version.

and this is one I posted just for fun .... this was photographed a couple of stages back - to show all the colours that went into creating the 'black' coat - though most of them have disappeared in the final version (but they remain in the background to 'lift' the black fur colour):

Now .... just to complete my day .. I need Spike the Hedgehog to make an appearance.   We've put a little tray of food outside with some chicken flavoured gourmet dog food, and some chopped unsalted peanuts - unashamedly trying to attract him and get him to stay as a permanent fixture


Dors said...

Phewwwwwwwwwww. Glad all went well. Your work is superb Sue. No wonder you get so many commissions. you deserve all the recognition.
Yes I get quivering and very insecure until the client is happy. The waiting is nerve wracking at times. LOL

Wonderful news about Richard being home. It's been a worrying time for you all. Glad he is ok. Hope you all enjoy lunch together.

sue said...

Thank you Dors .... I really am a quivering wreck today.

I have an appointment with my dentist. Its just a check up but I have a troublesome tooth that he wanted to remove one year ago and I said No .. its still playing up but I haven't had a tooth removed for 30 years (and then it was under anaesthetic) so I'm terrified.

Jan said...

Just catching up after being away so long and you've really been a busy little do-bee! And everything looks great! I too get all tied up in knots until the client approves of a commission painting so you definitely aren't alone!

Great news about Richard - you know I wish him all the best.

Love the shaggy dog - it seems that I've had quite a few lately so if the trend continues, I'll have to try your wet pastel method! I have used it before but not on an animal, I don't think.

Jan said...

Oh, forgot to tell you that I wish you well with your dental visit! Nothing is ever as bad as we imagine it will be so don't worry!