Monday, 4 October 2010

04/10: TIGER - WIP

Today I've been working on the tiger I started yesterday.  I've been drawing in fine fur detail using pastel pencils which are being 'eaten' at a great rate of knots on the Pastelmat paper!  I'm having to strengthen the white in places by adding more soft pastel on top so will have to resort to using 'fixative' soon I think.   But first I'll have to clean the surrounding paper with Blu Tack to remove all the stray pastel dust.

These are the latest two photos - they look a bit fuzzy but are the best I can do as the light is poor - If I use flash I get a lot of glare from the white pastel - but you get the idea I hope:

I've finished for the day - this stage is very labour intensive but I hope to crack on with the body/paws tomorrow and do all the final tweaking on Friday .. so still on track for the moment

and especially for Jan, who asked I would take photos along the way as she finds it enlightening to see how I work.     If you're looking in Jan, perhaps you'd like to enlighten me too ...... I never seem to tackle two pictures the same way!!   Because this is a large picture,  my attention span is under strain and I keep 'flitting' around the picture.


Jan said...

Of course I'm looking in and watching what you do. Methinks you work like I do as I have a very short attention span also.

I just wanted to see how you work on the PastelMat for one thing as I find it difficult. Maybe it's because I haven't used it enough to be comfortable with it.

Anyway, this is looking good and I'll keep watching and learning if you'll keep posting the steps!


Pauline said...

Looking good Sue, I must give pastel ago on this paper sometime.

pett paintings said...

LOL Sue I'm another "flitter" I hate posting WIP's as there is no rhyme or reason to my painting methods, I just go with the flow (or not as the case may be).....its the end product that counts :-) this is looking special already x