Thursday, 7 October 2010

07/10: SHIH TZU CROSS - UPDATE (and a SPIKE photo or two)!

I heard from Scamper's 'mum' today that she has seen the WIP photos on my blog and loves it.  She has pointed out that the ref photo was taken on a 'well groomed' day:o)    Anyway, I had put Scamper's portrait to one side for a while as something was bugging me .. then I realised that having guessed at the 'missing eye' I'd actually drawn it in the wrong place. oops!!

I've rectified it and will now have to to tidy up the pastel a little before 'fixing' the final version.   Scamper's mum is on holiday for a week now so I'll have it ready for her return.

I managed to get a couple more photos of Spike last night ... as you can see he really enjoys his 'grub'.    Obviously the dog food is favourite as he tossed the cheese and peanuts to one side ... but he did finish everything later.   He's a big lad (or at least I think he's male - not sure how you tell really)??


Sunny said...

I know I am repeating myself when I say I am in awe of your artistic ability. It is amazing how lifelike your images are.
Spike looks like he/she could use a pedicure - haha!
☼ Sunny

Jan said...

For someone so worried about this portrait, I think you really, really did well! No wonder Scamper's mum was pleased!

Congrats on getting the photos of Spike too. How do you tell if he's male or female? Well, you gotta turn him upside down and look at the bottom of his feet! lol Are they kin to our American porcupines? Both are sort of weird characters!

sue said...

Thanks so much Sunny and Jan.

Jan, I moved the eye a little and was still not sure, then realised I should also move the parting on the fur above his nose slightly - now it looks better!

Ha Ha. Spike isn't going to let me anywheres near him/her! they aren't related to porcupines and they have fewer and shorter spikes which they use as a defensive barrier if threatened - they curl up into a ball with the spines on the outside. I believe porcupines actually attack with theirs! Hedgehogs are great in the garden as they eat snails/slugs and other pests. But they hibernate through the coldest Winter months - hence he's fattening himself up in readiness

Pet Portrait Artists said...

He is a very fine fellow and he looks as though hes enjoying his tea : ) Gorgeous!

sue said...

He really does like his food Mel, but he is fussy. David bought some 'cheap' tesco dog meat for him and Spike refused to touch it!!