Wednesday, 20 October 2010


We've noticed that our car appears to be very attractive to some of our garden visitors - no idea why though?

I believe these are Carrion Crows and they periodically gather on top of the car roof/bonnet wing mirrors etc and spend ages pecking.  At first we thought they were catching bugs trapped in the wipers but now I wonder if they are just admiring themselves.   Has anybody else encountered this behaviour  - today we had 6 of them on the car but by the time I got my camera set up to photograph them the others had flown.   Apologies for the lopsided pictures - I had to aim the camera between the venetian blind slats and the windows are double glazed.

Alfred Hitchcock eat your heart out!!

I'm really chuffed to report that as well as having regular nightly visits from Spike the (huge) hedgehog, we also have a smaller hedgehog visitor who I've named Iggy.    They arrive separately but both love the dog food and mild cheddar treats I put out for them.   Regrettably they neither of them touch the bag of special hedgehog food we bought (at great expense) from a pet shop recently.    So, the hedgehog food is being scattered on the lawn for whatever birds/squirrels or other creatures might appreciate it.   Talk about spoilt!

and finally, a kiss goodnight from my 'old girl' Roxy ... she has really gone grey over the last couple of years but she is very happy in her 'retirement home' as well she might be ... she's on full livery and she's the matriarch - keeping all the other mares in order (girls and boys don't mix at her yard)!   This photo was taken on Saturday and its probably the last time she will be allowed out without her Winter Clothing as the weather seems to have definitely turned wintry now.


Jennifer Rose said...

i love crows :D such smart animals. not sure what they are doing tho

Amatheya said...

Ooo those big sharp claws on your nice shiny car makes me cringe! lol

Glad to hear your little night time visitors are multiplying :)

Fay Akers said...

Hedge hogs that sounds like quite a sight. We have a ground hog this summer who loved to eat the tomatoes and the flowers off the cuke plants.

Jan said...

We have tons of crows but I've never seen any on our cars so can't tell you what they're doing.

Glad Spike has a buddy (even if they aren't, lol) Maybe it will give you more opportunities for photos.

Awww, give Miss Roxie lots of hugs and smoochies and make sure she's bundled up good against the cold. It was bittersweet seeing her.

Chrissy said...

Strange crow behaviour for sure! Glad to hear about your extra hedgie :)

Roxie does indeed look very content ...

Sunny said...

It looks like the crows are checking out their reflection. They just can't believe how handsome they are!
What a sweet face Roxy has; I miss my horse.
☼ Sunny

pett paintings said...

Hi Sue just catching up ....lovely to see a piccy of the gorgeous Roxy!
Shes a lucky old girl for sure...having worked for the Blue Cross in the past I am more than aware of how many retired horses find themselves unloved and unwanted ;-(

sue said...

Thanks everyone.
Since posting this, we have 3 hedgehog visitors - 1 big one (spike) and two smaller ones.

I think they are probably Mom and 2 juveniles. Word has obviously spread about the VIP hedgehog treatment and the good food!!

Kay, I only see Roxy a couple of times a week but didn't want to move her when we moved house. She is sooooo happy at this yard and I'd rather pay to have her on full livery and happy, than move her close to home for economic reasons where she would have to start afresh at age 25!