Friday, 29 October 2010


I've been feeling poorly for a few days - sore throat, aches & pains and streaming nose - so it came as a great relief to discover (from hubby) that I'm lucky just to have a girlie cold and not MAN FLU!  
Which means I'm still fit enough to get on with my commissions, do the washing, cleaning  and cook his meals of course.  

I've battled on regardless, albeit more slowly than usual and am about 1/3 way through another triple human portrait.   Its another one intended as a surprise Christmas gift so I won't post work in progress pictures here.

The portrait I had been working on was put to one side whilst my client decided what colour mount/matt he wanted.  I was mean and photographed the portrait with a variety of coloured mounts so he could see the way the colour altered the overall appearance.    Since the portrait is a gift for his wife, he couldn't ask her opinion and has had a worrying couple of days trying to choose (!!)  but he has now made an 'executive decision' and the picture will go to be framed next week.

As I have no current art to show - here are even more pictures of our 4 legged visitors.   In bad weather we started putting their food under a plastic storage basket (with the plastic cut away from both ends).  Once the family of hedgehogs increased it was clear that 3 hogs couldn't share the food so David bought a larger container and cut a door into it.  The hogs were very suspicious the first evening - they inspected it several times then scuttled off without venturing inside but now they like their bespoke 'feeding station' - and there's room for at least one more, should they decide to bring friends round

As you can see there's barely room for two.  The sandbag on top is to prevent the container blowing away.

and this is the new deluxe model .. it probably doesn't need to be weighed down.   I haven't photographed the hogs using the new feeding station as they were very unsure of it at first and I didn't want to upset them.  But there is now plenty of room to throw a hedgehog party !

OK - have a great weekend everybody and don't forget to change the clocks tomorrow evening/Sunday morning.  

10 comments: said...

love the hog story. I want hedgies and we are blessed with most other forms of wildlife here but no hedgies. :(

Christine said...

Now, how cool is that!!!
I really like the new deluxe model! My Chihuahuas would love one like that to hide away in their own little cave. I might have to take this great idea and make them one similar. ;-)
So glad you shared this. ;-)


Christine said...

Oh..almost forgot...hope you'll feel better again soon! Misery loves company...I am having a cold myself at the moment. Not fun! :-)

K. T. Sparks said...

I have had the "girlie stuff" myself after I got my flu shot last week..icky! You crack me up with your little sidewalk cafe for the Hedgie's to come visit and have a bit to eat!
Get to feeling better!

Keith said...

That is one des-res. Love the idea of a hedgehog party. Careful though, you'll be having to get the Police round to tell them to turn the music down before you know it.

RLT Art said...

love the hedgehogs! their new little feeding area is so cool :)

sue said...

Glad you like the hedgies ... just like buses - you wait years for one and 3 turn up together!

Sorry Keith my brain isn't in gear yet so apart from 'spiking the drinks' I can't think of hedgehog party themed responses. :o)

Colette Theriault said...

Thanks for sharing the hedgehog photos Sue, they are cute! All we have here to feed are noisy raccoons! Hope that you feel better soon...not fun to feel under the weather and taking care of others too!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

You and Vic both made me laugh with your blogs today Sue - men definitely get worse bugs than we do, because they leave them incapable of doing anything!!! I do hope you (and your hubby) are feeling much better soon!!!

Chrissy said...

Haha, I think your hedgies are getting spoilt! Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather. Neither girlie colds or man flu are pleasant :(