Sunday, 3 October 2010


Tigers that is, not Kellogg's Frosted Flakes or whatever Tony the Tiger used to advertise ..... who else is old enough to remember the advert/slogan   -   Frosties are Grrreat  ???!!

Tigers seem to be popular just now.     My 'Daydreaming Tiger' was awarded Reserve Best in Show at the UKCPS Open Int'l exhibition (Stamford, Lincs) which closed on Friday.      I've had an email enquiry from a man who visited the exhibition a couple of weeks ago and made a note of my name - he would like to buy my 'Hunting Tiger'  which was also exhibited at Stamford.   But a fellow Coloured Pencil artist who was 'demonstrating' at the exhibition has told me she thinks my picture sold at the exhibition.  So I'm just waiting for confirmation.

On the strength of that, I've started a new tiger ... this one is pretty big.   I originally intended to work it in coloured pencil (or a mixture of pastel and coloured pencil) ... but it just grew bigger and bigger so the choice is made for me.   Pastel covers the paper much faster so for something this size is the better choice I think.   I've selected a few cheetah and leopard pictures from my archived photos so will do some smaller pictures later on using cps.

This is what I got done this afternoon - I'm using soft pastels at the moment to block in areas of black and white and then I'll switch to pastel pencils to work on the finer fur detail.   This is on Clairefontaine Pastelmat in their Dark Grey colour and I'm using a full sheet - approx 28" x 20"

This was taken with flash camera tonight so its not a good photo:


Christine said...

Congrats on the sale!
This is a really nice pose. I think this will be another one of your awesome pieces. I'll be watching for an update. ;-)


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

I remember that tiger well LOL.
Either way, I do hope your tiger sells - it is always a good feeling to see your artwork go to a home. Looking forward to seeing this one progress Sue - the pastelmat is wonderful to work on isn't it - it is my favourite pastel surface so far :)

Dors said...

Congratulations Sue.. Hope you get the confirmation soon and also have a sale for the second one your doing Which is coming along great.

Great Job Sue. :)

sue said...

Thanks so much ladies :o)

I'm doing this as a fun piece between commissions and have a deadline to finish by Friday (bearing in mind I'll be out most of Wednesday as we're taking Richard out for lunch etc). So I've got to stay focussed!

Then next up will be a 3 child portrait but I won't be able to show that yet as its a surprise gift

Lynda Schumacher said...

A grreat looking start, Sue! I chuckleed about your very WISE decision to do that size in pastel...........(as I tediously move along on my current 20 x 30 piece with the point of a pencil......on sandpaper.........ARGH).

sue said...

Thanks Lynda .... rather you than me I think :o)

Jan said...

I know you're under time contraints but I still hope you'll take some progress photos. It's always enlightening to watch you work and this is looking good so far!

Do you like the PastelMat? I've not quite come to grips with it yet. Are you able to get the new Art Spectrum ColourFix Suede paper yet?

sue said...

The weather is gloomy and I'm having trouble getting decent photos Jan but I'll do my best :o)

My favourite pastel surface is Fisher 400 but I wanted a darker surface and this was all I had available. It isn't bad to work on although it doesn't take as many layers as Fisher and the coloured pencil isn't going over the soft pastel particularly well (maybe I need to give it a light 'fix'.

To the best of my knowledge we can't get colourfix suede paper here - in fact suedeboard isn't avilable either .... we in the UK are the 'poor relations' when it comes to art supplies I think

pett paintings said...

Hi Sue I'm trailing behind in the blog stakes but the story behind this one is familiar to me ;-) my last tiger painting was started on a full sheet of pastelmat and also grew to fit the paper! looking great so far! oh and congrats on the sale.....drinks are on you ;-)

Teresa said...

Hate to admit it, but yes, I do remember that slogan! :-)