Sunday, 10 October 2010


I thought today would be the day I'd start work on the next Christmas commission - a 3 child portrait.... but the weather was pretty good for a change and David (hubby) decided we should clear the runner beans (and collect the beans/seeds to use next year), empty the greenhouse and generally tidy up in the garden.

So,   as we already have a mega amount of home-made tomato soup in the freezer I thought I'd make a huge batch of ratatouille for freezing in portions.   I've also picked another big basket of pears which will ripen over the next week or so.

Yesterday I made lots of apple and blackberry pies/crumbles which are now in the freezer.

Forgive the rambling ... my point is that after chopping onions, garlic and chillies I always worry that the aromas might transfer to paper ..... you know when you look at eBay most sellers say 'from an non-smoking/non-pet home'  .. or similar ... well I love spicy foods and use a lot of ginger/garlic/onion in my cooking and would hate to get feedback about smelly pictures (!!)    sorry, I know that's a bit extreme but its my excuse for doing no more than outlining the group today.

In between my 'domestic goddess' duties, I did some more work on the Cheetah so here are the progress pics .... David doesn't like it very much - says its too 'fuzzy' but I wonder if that is because I've used a white backing.  In any event ..  I decided to darken the background more (working on the reverse side of the drafting film)  I'm pleased with progress and will add more colour to the body in between commissioned stuff .

This can be as big or small as I like, but I think this is a nice compromise - the mount size is 20" x 16"

I do have a few in-between 'work in progress' pictures but its getting late and I still have 'wifely duties'    .... mainly connected to the dishwasher !!

Back to normal tomorrow and I'll be working on the first of the 'human' commissions for Christmas ...


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

It doesn't look fuzzy to me Sue - it looks fantastic!!! Don't you love the honesty of hubbies (and kids)!!!!

Jan said...

I have to agree with Karen - it doesn't seem fuzzy to me either even in the closeup.

Sometimes you have to take the advice/comments from husbands with a grain of salt. (Sorry, David!)

sue said...

Thank you ladies.

He's explained that the picture is less vibrant than he'd expected (not much I can do about the cheetah's colouring though ... its what Mother Nature gave it) :o)

I'll post another pic taken in daylight which is a little more accurate.