Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I haven't posted on my blog for ages as all my recent portraits have been commissioned for birthdays or christmas gifts and have to stay under wraps - its that time of the year I'm afraid!!

ONLY 8 (and a bit) WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS .....

One group portrait of 3 children and a pastel portrait of a chocolate labrador have been despatched to the clients in the last day or so and so I'll be able to show those next week as they are for imminent birthdays. A second group of 3 children is just about finished but I believe my clients are still on holiday. This is intended as a Christmas present anyway so can't be shown yet.

Next on the drawing board will either be another graphite portrait (2 brothers) or I may switch back to pastels for a double horse portrait. Both are for Christmas gifts so the timing isn't critical yet. I'm always conscious that there are still 3 gift vouchers to be redeemed (4 animals portraits) so try to leave a few gaps in the schedule. I'm really pleased that I'm still ahead of schedule (so far)

I haven't got any drawing done today as Roxy (my horse) had her second encounter with the dentist/vet. She had to be quite heavily sedated for the treatment and that took a huge chunk out of the day. She is fine - at 24 years old her teeth are wearing out but she's good for a while yet!!

Back to work with a vengeance tomorrow.

The weather forecast is good for the next week here and I really hope to have a couple of sessions in the garden tidying up and planting more spring bulbs .... I can't have enough daffodils in the garden - they are such a cheerful beautiful sight after the long drab winter days.


Dors said...

Congratulations Sue on your commissions. May you have many more. :)
It's good to take a garden break and plant ready for Spring.. having lived in the UK for my first 20 yrs of life, I know what it's like to want color after the long dull winter.

sue said...

Thank you :o)

I don't dislike the cold weather (in fact after a few years living in Singapore I enjoy frost and snow) ... but I hate the gloom and drizzle. We are lucky to have a little house on Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and try to spend 3 or 4 weeks there in the period between New Year and March to break up that long dismal stretch.