Sunday, 11 October 2009


This is the best photograph I could get of the (hopefully) finished portrait tonight . The portrait is pastel on Fisher 400 paper which is a light sand colour - this looks a little grey.

I've posted some of the Work In Progress pictures below with comments:

I started work on this handsome Spaniel yesterday. I've made a huge effort to finish the portrait today - the new daylight lamp has been an absolute godsend as the gloomy weather means my usually sunny workroom loses the light at about 4pm. I can now work on for an extra hour or so knowing the lighting isn't going to mean I use colours I'll regret in the morning!! Unfortunately it doesn't help when photographing the pictures - the colour still gets distorted ... but my scanner only takes A4 sized paper so is not much good for most of my portraits which tend to be larger. I probably won't send this to my client till Tuesday when I hope to get a better photo for her to approve/critique.

I'm ahead of schedule on my pre-Christmas orders which is great. I'd anticipated starting the first graphite children portrait on 20 October so I do have time to slot in one of the horse pastels (but I won't - I'm determined to save them till after the children)!!

We have a day trip to France scheduled tomorrow to stock up on essential supplies :o). One of the joys of living on the Kent coast is that its so easy to get the Ferry (or Eurotunnel) to France whenever special offers are available. So probably no blog posting tomorrow but I'll be back at the drawing board on Tuesday!

This is the basic sketch and I've started on the eyes first - I don't work 'by the book' I'm afraid ... I like to get a feel for the character and drawing in the eyes works

Work started on those complicated curls!

This Spaniel has the most amazing colouring - really beautiful and a challenge to draw!

Almost finished - this is slightly too bright, but the background paper colour is probably the closest to 'true life'


pett paintings said...

This is another beutiful result Sue!
I think you are on a roll here and producing some of your best work ever keep it up :-)

pett paintings said...

I love this one Sue as I'm sure the client will also, brilliant job on those curly ears!

Lene said...

Beautiful portrait - lovely colors, and I love those curls :)