Tuesday, 20 October 2009


As I can't show my latest portrait work just yet, here's one I drew earlier - some time ago actually, but I'm reading David Jason's biography at the moment so it seems apt. (This is graphite on Fabriano paper)

I emailed scans of the first 3 child portrait to my client last night but haven't heard back from her yet. I believe there is more than one person involved in this particular gift idea/presentation so it may take a while before I know whether the portrait gets the OK as is, or needs some 'tweaking'. The portrait is intended as a birthday gift in November so I probably won't be able to post it till then.

In the interim I've started work on the second 3 child portrait group. This is intended as a Christmas present, so again I probably won't be posting pictures.

On Thursday I need to put the graphites away and tackle a chocolate labrador in pastel - I've slotted this one in as an urgent birthday present (wanted end next week) because this is a returning client and wherever possible I try to oblige as I'm grateful that they like my work enough to commission me again or recommend me to others.

Hence my posting of David Jason (Del Boy) above ..... otherwise this blog will start to read like Housewife's Diary as I list all the home-made soups I've made this week - using up our home grown vegetables from the garden!!!


pett paintings said...

LOL Sue it seems we are all in the same boat at the moment I predict a blog overload after Christmas!.... still it's a good time to show off all the "other stuff" we do :-)

sue said...

I think you're right about the blog overload post Xmas ...

By the way, it was Leek and Potato soup today (Kentish grown veg - but not in our garden) and very nice it was too!! :o)

Jan said...

I've seen this portrait before and thought at the time that you are such an excellent graphite artist. But --- I don't know who this guy is! lol Of course, I'm not much for movies or tv so that's not saying much.

Your mention of making soup in one of your other posts sent me on a quest to find a recipe and I made carrot/coriander soup yesterday. Don't know if it's similar to yours but all the recipes I found were very similar. I'm going to serve it tonight as my husband wanted something else last evening!

Thanks for the prod in that direction!

sue said...

Thanks Jan
I don't watch much TV either but David Jason has been in lots of sitcoms - this is him playing Derek Trotter (Del Boy) in a cult series called Fools & Horses. The series is always being repeated on satellite so David (hubby) watches all the repeats and I get the soundtrack wafting through whilst I'm working .... for info he was also in Porterhouse Blue, Darling Buds of May, A Bit of a Do, Open All Hours, Inspector Frost to name a few - don't know if any of these make it 'across the pond' though.

We had carrot & coriander soup last week but at the moment our favourite is spicy tomato soup. Our greenhouse tomatoes are just about at an end now though so I guess it will be on to squash or pumpkin soup next .... never a dull moment eh!

Dors said...

Oh the likeness is so real. Great job Sue.
David Jason is such a wonderful character ... I loved him in the Darling Buds of May.

Superb job Sue.... love it.