Monday, 12 October 2009


Everyone is jumping ship it seems .... my stepdaughter flew to New Zealand yesterday. She has a good friend who settled in Australia a few years ago and she manages to fly out for a holiday every year or so. Her friend is getting married in Fiji - sounds wonderful doesn't it - so this trip for stepdaughter and boyfriend is New Zealand and Fiji and then a few days in Los Angeles on the way home.

My best friend is flying to St Lucia tomorrow for a break (although she tells me the forecast is for rain). We've been there (many years ago) and the beaches are just fabulous so fingers crossed the rain won't interfere with their enjoyment.

Another good friend is flying out to New York for a shopping spree next week (not somewhere I've ever wanted to visit if I'm honest). She's hoping to stock up on some really good halloween bits & bobs as she's hosting the halloween party for 'the gang' this year .... I'm really looking forward to it as its becoming more difficult each year to get together with 'our gang' - they all came to us back in the Summer for an afternoon walk around the Harbour and beach walk and a BBQ back at our house. We all used to keep our horses at the same yard(s) about 13 years ago and formed a great friendship .. but several of the horses 'passed on' some of us moved house and others became grandparents etc., so we don't see each other so often now - but when we do ..... Well just watch out!!! we haven't really grown up any!

oh .. and we ..... managed a day trip to Calais today. Living by the seaside in North Kent we are very well placed for taking advantage of special deals on the Ferry or train to France. We needed to replenish our wine stocks so we had a lovely day shopping and enjoyed a long leisurely lunch - something we don't normally have time for these days.

I'm exhausted now .... so going to enjoy a glass of the wine we bought and chill out in front of the TV


Angela Finney said...

Sounds like a really lovely place to be living. A hop to France yet! I envy all of your commissions. This year is not going as well as last year this time.

I left you a return message on my blog about the dog art exhibit, in case you didn't see my message, here is the link for the Canine Art Guild 2009 Helping Paw Exhibit, for me

sue said...

I didn't see your message Angela but I'm having lots of problems with my internet at the moment. I'll take a look at the link tomorrow :o)