Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Today didn't go as planned - when does it ever??

David (hubby) sold his accountancy practice and took early retirement nearly 3 years ago - but he keeps busy working for a charity which helps older people fill in forms, deal with finances - keeps his brain ticking over (and gets him out from under my feet when I'm drawing) :o)

Today he should have been making a visit 10 miles away - very close to the picture framers I use to cut mounts if I need something special. I'd ordered a mount for collection today but then David's client postponed the meeting. So we decided we'd both go anyway ... its a nice little seaside town although the shops really do cater for an elderly clientele .... where else do you find shops selling knitted tea cosies these days?? and bed socks, and Sirdar knitting patterns for tank tops and mens cardigans??

We had a lovely morning - and a not so lovely lunch (won't go there again) :o( and by the time we got home it was mid afternoon.

I bought some plastic tubs to tidy all my coloured pencils. Till now they've all been kept in a huge tin and the colours were all mixed up. Now they are all separated into colour groups and easily accessible - should have done this years ago!

I had a good polish/sweep through my 'studio' to get rid of all the pastel dust from the last 4 portraits and am feeling very pleased with myself. One of the main reasons for choosing this house was that it has two good sized double bedrooms downstairs so we earmarked them as 'his & her' workrooms - his office and my studio. Its a lovely arrangement!

I had intended to start on a graphite portrait today but ran out of time. I've spent some time liaising with the client to decide on the composition of the group as it involves 3 children taken from separate photos - one of the children is just a few months old (baby really). It will be a little fiddly as I'll have to 'make up' areas of clothing and the odd arm .... but I've made a rough draft tonight ready to start work proper tomorrow. Its a large piece of work - paper size approx 18" x 24"

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