Saturday, 10 October 2009


Saturdays are always busy for us. David (hubby) is a qualified tenpin bowling coach and he teaches a kids' youth group every Saturday. The bowling centre is a 50 minute drive away, close to where we used to live. I drop him off and then drive to the yard to visit Roxy - my horse. Then I collect David and we visit our Mums - who live just 10 minutes drive from each other. We call it our day for visiting the three old ladies ...

On the way home we stopped at Marks & Spencer as David wanted to buy some new chinos ..... and they had a sale on. No matter how I tried I just couldn't find anything on sale that excited me .. better luck next time :o)

So by the time we got home this evening I really didn't feel like drawing. I am about halfway through a pastel portrait of a lovely spaniel. It would be great to finish him tomorrow and have a good cleaning session - pastel dust gets everywhere and my keyboard is really quite disgusting! I'll post some work in progress pictures tomorrow. I no longer have the excuse that I've lost the light and need to stop drawing. I've purchased an additional daylight bulb/lamp which clamps to my desk or easel and this, used in conjuction with the existing daylight bulb in a standard desk lamp, works brilliantly.

I have a double horse portrait to do (another pastel) but feel I really ought to make a start on some of the graphite child portraits. If I can get one of them finished by the end of next week I'll be very happy. I'll save the horses as a treat when I finish the children ... like dangling a carrot in front of Roxy!

and talking of carrots - I bought rather a lot today and will make a batch of carrot & coriander soup tonight - and also another batch of spicy tomato soup. Our greenhouse tomatoes just keep on and on and on - we haven't watered them for days but they are still being very prolific. The soup freezes very well (which is a blessing). Looks like tonight will be a soup kitchen production line.

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