Thursday, 8 October 2009

08/10: MEG - SALUKI

I've just had an email with feedback re. Sparky the JRT I posted yesterday. A two word response - she said 'FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING' .... so I think she liked the portrait and I can call it finished!!!

I started work yesterday on the portrait of Meg - a beautiful Saluki dog. The reference photo(s) are good but I've been asked to bring Meg's left (our right) ear forward slightly and even up the feathering. As always when I get good photos to work from progress is faster and I think that's partly because I get engrossed in the work. With poor refs I know I prevaricate and keep finding jobs around the house to do rather than cracking on with the portrait :o)

Having finally settled on the paper (Clairefontaine Pastelmat in dark grey) I outlined Meg and made a start on her ear.

This was another 2 hours work this morning

A further couple of hours got me to this stage where I've made some alterations to the ear position as requested but then decided to move down to the neck/chest hair. Not sure if you can see from these small pictures but Meg has 'seriously gorgeous' eyes and lashes - she's a real beauty

I'm calling it a day on Meg now - the light is very poor and this last photograph has been taken in artificial lighting which hasn't produced a great result. But I'm really pleased with progress so far. I will do some tidying up tomorrow and add whiskers etc., but then it will be up to the client to confirm whether she is happy with Meg's ears (or indeed everything else) before I do any more to it.


Jan said...

Looking good, Sue! You sure are fast!

sue said...

Thanks Jan
I have a total of 8 children to draw in graphite before Xmas (3 portraits) so I'm trying to get a few of the pastel portraits finished first so I can have a good clean up of my working area before switching to pencil. You know how far pastel dust travels :o)