Sunday, 18 October 2009


Its been a few days since I posted .. I did set out to start on the graphite 3 child portrait on Wednesday but my neighbours were having a beautiful (huge) Willow tree removed from their back garden - I'm sure there is a good reason but its sad to see it go. The Tree Surgeons parked their their industrial 'mulching machine' on the neighbour's drive (adjacent to my work room) and started it working at 9.15am and didn't finish till 5.30pm - despite double glazing the noise was horrendous and I was ready to commit murder by the end of the day. Not ideal drawing conditions! However I did make a start and i've done a lot of work on the portrait since Wednesday. I think it will be more or less finished tomorrow.

I always have difficulty in photographing graphite drawings - the white paper always turns out blue/grey and it takes lots of adjustments to get it somewhere near the true colours. I hope to get a decent photo tomorrow in daylight so I can send a scan to the client for critique/approval and to post here.

The weather was glorious today so David and I went for a long walk along the beach path towards Herne Bay. I took the camera and ended up with lots more seagull photos - they do tend to pose beautifully on the wooden groynes (breakwaters) which run down the beach into the sea - but I do have rather a lot of these now.

The beach walk is very popular with dog walkers and we passed lots of beautiful animals but I just fell in love with this little lady. She is 15 weeks old - a German Shepherd and out on one of her very first walks. As she bounced along towards me I just couldn't resist those gorgeous pink ears. Her name is Snowflake and I've saved the best photos for me as I plan to work on her portrait as soon as I get the chance ... but isn't she soooo cute!


Erik said...

That will make a great painting. What a beauty!

sue said...

Isn't she .... she was a little shy but she is just a baby and there were lots of people and dogs walking along the beach today so all a bit scary for a puppy. Can't wait to start on her but have to get all the children portraits out of the way first :o(

Vic said...

Awww so cute....will look great on paper.

sue said...

Yes, she will be a treat to myself when I get time ..... could it work as a 'pink pic' for the AIP blog?? I'm very conscious I've not submitted anything yet