Wednesday, 21 October 2009


It has been a miserable, wet, cold day here in Whitstable and I've had to have both daylight bulbs working to enable me to crack on with the second family group in graphite. I'm very pleased with progress so far - it seems to be going much more smoothly than the last graphite group but that may be because I've got back into the swing now.

I was very pleased to hear back from my client regarding the first 3 child portrait - she is happy with it so I just have to 'fix' it tomorrow and prepare it for shipment later this week.

I was even more pleased when hubby decided we'd eat out tonight !!! Much as I love cooking, its always a treat to have someone else do the work (and the clearing up). Unfortunately we don't really have a good mid priced restaurant within walking distance - but we have a favourite pub in a village 10 mins drive from us. The staff are wonderfully friendly and the food is always excellent. I must admit I'm hooked on their cajun chicken with spicy wedges - sounds a bit naff but they are soooooo good. David usually opts for the traditional pies but tonight he fancied roast beef and it just melted in the mouth!!! yummy!

So ... up early tomorrow to see if I can finish the second graphite portrait.

I've also heard from the optician that my new glasses are ready for collection. Lets see if my drawing improves as a result of being able to see .... !!


Dors said...

Dinner sounds great..Hope you enjoyed. Congrats on the successful commission. It's always good to hear the client is happy.
I need new glasses also...must go and get them checked.

Jan said...

Congratulations on the happy client! But I didn't have any doubt they'd be pleased.

Hope you have an easy time getting used to your new glasses.

Maybe be you can talk your hubby into another dinner out soon since the last was so enjoyable. Or, you can just make some of your soup! lol

sue said...

Thanks Jan
I'm struggling a little with the glasses, but I'm not used to Bifocals .... more practice needed!