Thursday, 1 October 2009

01/10: BITS & PIECES

We are going to Birmingham to view pictures at the UK Coloured Pencil Society Exhibition on Saturday (including 3 of mine). As it will take approx 4 hours to drive there(including a break) we decided to travel tomorrow and have a really good curry at a restaurant which is highly recommended on TripAdviser, We will stay overnight and visit the Gallery on Saturday morning. My pictures didn't win any prizes but I was thrilled just to have them accepted for hanging. After lunch with the Society, we have to dash home as we are part of a 6 person team competing in a Quiz on Saturday evening. The quizes are held half-yearly and we won the last two so honour is at stake!! There are normally around 25 teams of six people so competition is pretty tough.

I did a little more 'tweaking' with Bobby's portrait but don't want to do anything else till I hear back from the clients. Actually it doesn't look much different than the one I posted yesterday :o) I really dislike working from poor references as I always feel so unhappy with the end results but we'll see what the client thinks. I'm really looking forward to starting work on the next dog portrait on Sunday - it will either be a Jack Russel Terrier, a Saluki or a Spaniel - all of which need to be finished before I can start on the Christmas commissions.


Erik said...

Great work on this despite the bad ref pictures. I'm sure the client will be thrilled.

Jan said...

Wow, Sue, you'll probably kick me but your bad reference photos look very much like my good ones! Excellent job on Bobby. Great job on all that curly, black hair and a wonderful shine on his coat.

Have fun at the CP exhibition and win the quiz again!

sue said...

Thank you Erik and Jan.
On the drive up to Birmingham on Friday the client phoned to say his Mum in Law was there when they opened my email and burst into tears. They don't want any changes!!! I'm so pleased as I was really expecting to have to do a lot more 'tweaking' with the clients talking me through the adjustments.
Jan if this is on a par with your better refs I don't know how you stay sane???