Sunday, 30 June 2013


David loves to watch F1 motor racing .... I don't bother normally, if I'm working I can usually tell what's happening by the shouting coming from the lounge ... he does get excited (bless)!!

But .... today I intended to make some adjustments to the Springer Spaniel portrait so I left David in front of the TV.    I took a quick look at the BBC News website on my computer and just happened to switch to the Sports page where the Silverstone race was being shown live .... I didn't stop watching!!

This is probably the most exciting F1 race I've seen .... Poor Lewis Hamilton started from Pole position in front of the home crowd - he got off to a brilliant start and then disaster struck when one of his tyres exploded.    He managed to get back to the pit and re-enter the race but in last position.

After that it became a fiasco .... tyre failures on 5 cars (and after the race we learned that 2 other cars had tyres which were 'marginal' when the drivers pulled into the pits) ....  the tyres all exploded and shredded in spectacular fashion, throwing debris all over the track which led to its own problems and the safety car was called out on more than one occasion.

It all led to a brilliant final few laps where Lewis drove an amazing race to fight back to 4th place (from last).

Apparently Pirelli have been using a new bonding process on the tyres which is obviously not working!! 

Already the jokes have started (apologies to any of my Blogger friends from outside the UK who may not be familiar with Del Boy and Rodney from Fools and Horses)!!

So I didn't do much arty work today.

I have emailed the revised Springer pics to my client ... will post pics once the portrait is finished/approved.


  1. Pirelli are plonkers! Fancy taking a risk l like that. Sounds a great race. I used to like watching F1 but these days it is boring. Someone gets in front and that is it! Glad you enjoyed watching and love the Del Boy pic. Wish they could bring it back

  2. Don't have a clue as to what your blog is about this time! But since my OH watches Nascar, I can kind of understand.

  3. I saw bits of the race on tv but your commentary was far better!

  4. I feel the same way about F1 Polly - especially when Michael Schumacher dominated the sport.
    But yesterday's race was exciting!

    I believe Nascar is kind of stock car racing Jan? The cars look more like traditional sedans.

    F1 cars don't bear much resemblence to anything you'd see on the streets - they are highly technical - all electronics and computerised systems etc. Very expensive 'toys'. Nowadays there are about 20 F1 Grand Prix races held every year at prestigious venues round the world. If you or Dayle are interested there will be one held in Austin Texas on 17 November and one in Sao Paulo on 24 November (the final one this year)

    Thanks Cathy ... I'm no expert (and not really a fan) but I just got hooked into this one :-)

  5. I used to go to Brands Hatch regularly years ago, but F1 doesn't ring any bells. But I think Pirelli is going to be in trouble.

  6. Hi Jo
    F1 = Formula 1 racing. British Grand Prix used to be held at Brands Hatch till 1986 but after that moved to Silverstone.
    I used to live just about 5 miles from Brands Hatch

  7. Silly me, you'd think I could have worked that out.


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