Thursday, 27 June 2013


The UK Coloured Pencils Society's Open International Exhibition is being staged at the famous Patchings Art Centre Nottingham this year and will run from 1 September to 6 October.      I'm so pleased to learn that all 3 of my drawings were accepted by the entry Jury.

My entries are all 'quick' drawings, the longest taking approx 8 hours to complete.   2 of them were done in April whilst testing some new (unidentified) pencils for Derwent, so I really don't know what 'breed' they are - I'll simply call them 'Derwent Pencils'

These were the entries - I'll photograph them again in their mounts/frames once I've tidied them up and signed them.  The entries are supposed to be anonymous so I generally don't sign them till after the photos have been despatched to the judges.

This is 'Kissy' a little Yorkie who lives on Fuerteventura - companion dog to a disabled lady.  I photographed her on the windy seafront in Corralejo - hence the flyaway fur/ears.

I used the 'new' Derwent watercolour paper for this drawing.   The paper is 'off white' and the slightly blue tinge to the right of my photo is due to my photography - not the paper!

This is a semi-feral cat enjoying the sunshine, propped up against the wall of a seafront bar in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.  He wasn't happy to have human company (as you can tell from the glare) but was too comfortable in the sun to move away.   I loved the mustard/yellow wall (which has since been painted boring white) and called this 'the hot spot'

I've used coloured pencils on Sennelier Pastel Card which is a very gritty paper but not so hard on the fingers as Fisher 400 

this is a friend's dog and provided the perfect opportunity to experiment with various white pencils on black card ... I used Canson paper for this.    I called it 'anticipation' as I think that sums up the expression

I have stopped taking commissions for 2013 (but have left 2 spaces for returning clients who have indicated they want another picture this year).     Despite the 'recession' I've had more enquiries/orders than ever in the first half of the year which is very flattering but I've decided to opt out of the very stressful run up to Christmas this year which can sometimes seem a little like a production line which takes the pleasure out of doing something I normally love doing. 

I've decided to devote more time to work on entries for exhibitions - particularly the wildlife ones where I usually miss entry deadlines because I'm working flat out on portraits.    All change for this year!     I think the break will be good ... and if I miss the portraiture too much then I hope I will be able to regain business next year.     Whatever else results from this decision, I should be able to catch up with work around the house and garden which have both been sadly neglected for the last couple of years!


Jo said...

Best of luck with your entries. Hope your sabbatical works out OK for you.

Jan said...

Whooo Hooo! Congratulations on your drawings all getting accepted into the UKCPS Exhibition - they are all worthy! I remember seeing the first two here on your blog but that last dog is exquisite. He or she just has that special "awwwwww" factor.

And hurray for taking more time for the paintings you want to do. Can't wait to see all you come up with!

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks ladies. I'm looking forward to being doing some wildlife drawings but now will have the huge job of trawling through my archived photos to find suitable refs. Most of the wildlife exhibitions say photos must be the artists' own and as I'm unlikely to be going on safari in the next few months I have to rely on photos taken at zoos and wildlife sanctuaries (of which I have hundreds)!

Cathy Holtom said...

Great entries, well done. You'll have to do us a step by step one of these days!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

good luck with your entries!