Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I'm waiting up to see if our 'sick' hedgehog shows up tonight ... I have a box ready and waiting to transport him to the vet early tomorrow (today).   It is just past midnight now and I suspect he'll be a 'no-show' but before I go to bed I thought I'd post a couple of photos from Fuerteventura as I may not have any artwork to show today (Wednesday) as I'll be working at the Pilgrims Hospice eBay office.

First ..... a lemon

 British supermarkets only stock standard size/shape fruit and vegetables but I've often bought misshapen veggies at local farm shops which aren't governed by the same guidelines - carrots are probably favourite as they come in some very 'rude' shapes   LOL

BUT I've never seen misshapen citrus fruits before .... Good for Spain!    

It would make an amazing 'still life' study for a proper artist wouldn't it?       It was a shame to spoil it really but once I'd decided how best to slice it I used it to flavour a lemon chicken dish.

Totally out of context, when the weather was a bit dull we headed up into the mountains of Fuerteventura to just have a drive/look around.      We spotted 3 white headed vultures lazily drifting around, but I didn't manage to get any good photos.      They were teasing us - they'd fly close to the car then when I got the camera out they'd just drift out of focus .... these were the best photos I managed


and who could resist this little lady ....

we had quite a long conversation (as you do)!

Hard at work guarding the hen house:

OK that's it for now.   I have lots of photos from Fuerte as I tend to take my camera with me most places and snap away at anything that takes my fancy.   But its way past bedtime and I don't think the hedgehog is going to show tonight so I  need to shut the computer down now.


  1. If someone painted those lemons, they wouldn't be believable as we are so used to perfect shapes and sizes. How boring!

  2. It is a weird lemon! DH's sister in Florida had some that were huge (like grapefruit) but not good as the seeds inside had already begun to sprout.

    It's so sad about "your" hedgehog. Is the syndrome contagious? I hope you ended up catching him but I think you probably didn't.

    Cat portrait is looking good but you really never seem to do anything bad or go thru ugly stages!

  3. My mother used to have lemon trees in Spain and they would produce some very interesting shapes, some of which would also end up a bit rude. Pity the market demands perfect fruit, the wonky shapes are much more interesting.

    I hope your hedgehog hasn't been got at anyway, poor little thing.

    I was saying to Matt, if one walks there is more opportunity for pictures, we are always in the car, hence no pix.

  4. Yep, I just had to buy the lemon. Maybe this is the time to dig out the photo I took of hubby David wearing a squash we bought at the local farm shop a couple of years ago. I sent it to the BBC when they ran an article about misshapen fruit/veg and they published it on the BBC website - his 5 minutes of fame!

  5. Hi Jan

    Thank you :-)

    I think all my pictures go through an ugly stage but I have to work through it and that's the hard part.

    No hedgehog last night and tonight's looking unlikely now as its nearly midnight. I have a box prepared for him - just in case! I don't know if the syndrome is contagious but of course the hedgehog may have been involved in an accident resulting in injury to the spine/legs - but we won't know unless I can catch it.

    fingers crossed

  6. Hi Jo
    I generally take the camera in the car with us when we travel but rarely find anything to photograph.

    I agree I see more things to photograph if I'm on foot ....

  7. i love donkey ears :D they are so cute (but i know they can have a temper o.0)

  8. She was soooooo cute Jennifer. I think she was a bit lonely and bored too so she was glad to have company - even English speaking visitors!

    I don't think she's very old, just a bit scruffy as she was moulting her Winter coat.


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