Sunday, 9 June 2013


Well, nearly back to work.

We arrived back home in the early hours this morning, caught up on correspondence and sleep then visited the Mums and did a food shop ... phew!    Holiday forgotten already.

 I was really chuffed to open one piece of mail enclosing a 'Winners Letter' from P&O Ferries.    I've won a day crossing to France by Ferry  for 2 people with car, including a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine in their luxury Restaurant.

I must confess I didn't have to do anything very clever to win the prize - just answer a simple question online and then it was a case of 'first name out of the hat'.   But I'm never lucky with raffles etc so this came as a lovely surprise.

David instantly suggested we should go on 20th June - which is my birthday.   Cheapskate!!!  that way he doesn't have to take me out for a birthday meal  :-)     But on reflection I decided it was a good idea so I've applied for our preferred sailing times and am now waiting to hear whether they are available.    The return crossing would ordinarily cost £115 and the meals £60-£70  (average for two people) so its a lovely prize and of course we'll spend several hours in France stocking up on lovely wine and other goodies!

Tomorrow I'll be back at the drawing board as I have 2 cats, 3 dogs and a horse to be completed by mid July (actually the horse is 99% finished).

I hope to catch up with lots of your Blog Posts I missed whilst away although may not have time to comment on them all.


  1. Welcome Home!
    That's my anniversary (June 20th):)
    My parents also are celebrating their 60th anniversary on June 20th! (Yeah, we got married on the same day as my parents 28th anniversary Ha Ha. Didn't even know it was their anniversary when we picked the date.)
    Now I can think of you having your birthday as well!

  2. Yaaaay! You're home, you're home! I've missed your posts and now have one to rejoice with you over. Congratulations on winning the Ferry drawing - it sounds like a really wonderful prize.

    Now, get busy and get those commissions done, lol

  3. Hi Peggy
    Assuming we get the sailings I've requested, we'll raise a glass to you and your parents for a triple celebration then :-)

    Hi Jan
    Thank you. We had such a busy time on Fuerteventura I need a rest now! Now that I have my own computer to hand I'll soon catch up with Blogposts and emails I hope.
    Actually it was quite refreshing to have a break from the internet for a few weeks. Although I did check messages/posts I didn't have much opportunity to 'join in'.

  4. Welcome home. What a fab prize. I'm the same, never win anything, but you sure made up for it this time. I can't believe how much the ferry costs these days. Nice way to spend your birthday. Insist on a better present if he doesn't have to buy you dinner LOL

  5. Thanks Jo
    Must admit, when we do our 'booze cruises' to France we wait for the special offers so would normally pay £20-£30 on either the train or the Ferry. This crossing will be on the newest/largest ferry (assuming I can get the timings I requested).

    We don't usually buy presents for each other - we book flights to our holiday home instead LOL

  6. welcome back :) and congrats for winning the ferry trip :) always nice to win something

  7. Thanks Jennifer - yes I'm really chuffed about the win. Its taken away that 'post holiday blues' feeling!

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now - I've been reading your posts about your battle with MS and you're a real inspiration. Keep smiling!


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