Monday, 1 July 2013


It is only 7pm but the sky is overcast and the house gloomy.   Whatever happened to sitting outside with a glass of wine and enjoying the warm balmy evenings in June/July ??     Thankfully the weather has been quite kind for Wimbledon (Andy Murray just won his match I see) so perhaps I shouldn't complain.   

I have too many portraits here awaiting approval/despatch - the golden retriever (Scout) will go to Singapore with the horse I completed a few weeks ago, and this King Charles Spaniel which is 'on the easel' at the moment.   They are going to different clients but the ladies are friends and are happy for me to ship all 3 together to reduce costs.    Scout hasn't been approved yet, client is in Bali (lucky lady) so can't receive 'big' photo files.

I was asked to slim down the Springer Spaniel a little.   In the ref photo the dog is sitting sideways to the camera but I didn't define the bib area enough so the effect was to make him look a bit too chubby and in reality he is a working dog and very slender.     Just waiting to hear if I've slimmed him too much/little.  Will post the final version when done.

This is early stage for the King Charles Spaniel.

I'm working in Pastel on Fisher 400 sanded paper (again) and at this point I've worked on his eyes and generally started blocking in the base colours.  The portrait is approx A3 size


Jan said...

This looks as if it will be just darling - I like KC Spaniels, they have the sweetest faces.

Yes, NASCAR is composed of souped up stock cars. I don't watch sports so couldn't tell any more about it.

Jo said...

As far as I am aware, in Nascar they go round and round in circles for miles and miles.

KC looks cute.

Summer hasn't been doing too much here either.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jan. This is 'Spice' who is sadly missed by his owner so the portrait is to be a memorial.

Hi Jo.
At a recent meeting of Meteorologists in Devon they predicted long-term Atlantic currents (jet stream) will play an important role in British wet summers.

These currents apparently operate on cycles of a decade or more, which suggests they'll influence on our summers for a few more years to come.

As we're north of the jet stream we get the rain, South gets extreme hot conditions!

C'est la vie

Jo said...

What a delightful prospect for the next few years. Rain, rain and more rain.

At least you have the Canaries to escape to.