Tuesday, 11 June 2013

11/06: UPS & DOWNS


As expected, I lost the Bowls Match ... but at least I got into double figures.   Winner was the first to score 21 and the end result was 21 -v- 16.    So better score than I anticipated.

Whilst I was bowling David phoned round trying to find somebody who could help/treat the poor hedgehog I mentioned in my last post.      He didn't have much success, but did leave messages with various people.

Anyway, one lovely lady phoned me back this afternoon.   She is 'unofficial' but takes in injured birds and wildlife and has a very accommodating Vet.     She told me she has recently been filmed by Channel 5 TV and will feature in a Programme called Pet Hoarders later this year ... a bit unkind as she isn't actually hoarding pets .. more taking in injured/sick wildlife.   She is self funded.

So if the hedgehog appears tonight I have to go out and catch it, put it in a box and deliver it to her tomorrow and she will take it to her Vet for assessment.      


Had a lovely email from a client today who has just presented the last double dog portrait to his wife as her birthday present.   He took her out for a nice meal and arranged for the restaurant to present the portrait at the end of the evening .... I'm so pleased it was well received.

I got home in time to spend another couple of hours on the double cat portrait this afternoon

There are so many colours in that black coat on the cat on the right of the picture.   This is where the Stabilo Carbothello pastels come into their own .... I love their vibrant blues and mauves which really help to lift black fur .... using black pastel only would result in a very 'flat' colour.     I believe Carbothellos are also water soluble which would increase the vibrancy - but I've never tried them that way.

Tomorrow I will be back at my voluntary job for the local Hospice office so may not get any more artwork done till Thursday morning.

Who knows?      life is so busy just now that its difficult to plan/predict anything ....


Jo said...

Sorry you lost your game. Hope you can find your hedgehog tonite.

Cats do look odd without their whiskers don't they?

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jo
I didn't expect a great result today as this is my first proper season since having lessons and my opponent is a veteran of 30+ years ... so I was just pleased to have got into double figures.

Been watching the garden all evening and no sign of our spikey friend tonight. Like all animals I think it knows we have a trip to the Vet planned :-)