Thursday, 13 June 2013


I stopped work on the cats and emailed pics to my client so he can confirm if he's happy with coat colours etc.   Hopefully, I'll hear back tonight/tomorrow and can add highlights and whiskers etc and finish the pair tomorrow.

Despite the dull sky and rainshowers today, I managed to get photos that are more true to colour.   

and this is just to show my client how the cats will sit within the double mount

I'm looking forward to getting these finished now - adding whiskers will make so much difference to their appearance

Then its on to the dog portraits - I have a gorgeous Springer, a young Labrador and a smaller dog which I believe is some sort of spaniel also (must check)!

Off for a curry tonight.   Its a restaurant we've not tried before but we purchased discount vouchers (Groupon) for one of their set meals with wine .... nothing ventured etc

Back at the drawing board all day tomorrow.   If I don't hear back re. the cats, I'll make a start on one of the dogs - probably the Springer.

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  1. Cats looking good. Hope you have heard back by now.


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