Thursday, 20 June 2013


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear  Hilda (fellow Blogger)  ♫ ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ and Happy Birthday to me.  21 again today    ♫ ♫

We are just off to Dover now to get the Ferry to France.   Many thanks to P&O Ferries and Kent Online Newspaper for my lovely prize in their recent competition.     I won a crossing to France for 2 people with car and a 3 course meal in their posh Brasserie (with bottle of wine) on the return journey.    So that's how/where I shall spend my birthday - stocking up on wine and other goodies in France, having a free spray of various perfumes in the duty free shop on the Ferry LOL and just chilling out.  David is chauffering of course!

I've fallen a bit behind with the portrait work this week.   MIL needed to visit her GP urgently for tests which couldn't be done at her flat so we had a 5 hour round trip (for a 20 mins consultation) on Tuesday.  Yesterday was our usual voluntary day at the Pilgrims Hospice office and today of course its OOH LA LA day

Daughter and family will be visiting/staying at the weekend so we'll be out doing toddler activities - if the weather holds I hope we'll visit one of the local 'petting zoos' which are aimed at younger kids so not such exorbitant entry fees.   Some of the more 'grown up' zoos locally charge nearly £30 entry per adult so makes it an expensive afternoon with 4 adults ... or am I just showing my age grumble grumble bah humbug??!!

Just a little more progress on the spaniel.      My recent photos seem to be a little fuzzy for some reason.  The settings haven't been changed but I think maybe the lens is grubby.   Will give it a clean before taking the next progress pics.

I have also got a lovely young lab on the drawing board - so far only outlined but I will be switching between these two dogs next week.

OK time to go ... oh I just remembered a photo I took through the car windscreen on the motorway on Tuesday (I was passenger by the way, not driving at the time)

You can tell a lot about a man from the car he drives don't you think??   This vehicle probably has a few tales to tell - its a classic apparently dating from around 1985 (not quite as old as me)


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Sue! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    The dog portrait is coming right along.

    You don't think the owner of that vehicle is an Elvis fan, do you? lol

  2. Hope you had a fun day for your birthday. £30 for a zoo, phew, but then I have no idea what we would pay here.

  3. Looks like the driver was a Take That fan! Wonder if he was off to Heartbreak Hotel, Looking at the Van he was probably shaken and All Shook Up! Hope you're having a wonderful birthday my blogging friend.

  4. happy birthday!! enjoy your time in france :D

  5. Happy Birthday Sue! Hope you had a wonderful time in France!!

    Interesting Elvis Mobile :)


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