Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I guess you've all heard the saying 'one sandwich short of a picnic' or variations on that theme, 'one peanut short of a snickers'   'a few cards short of a deck' etc

Well shopping here on Fuerteventura is very much like that.   For the last couple of trips we've been trying to buy some thicker chair pad/cushions for the wooden chairs in our sunroom.  The local shops stock plenty of the thin cheap variety but these don't give much comfort if we're sitting on the chairs for any length of time.

We found some in two different shops but both had only 3 matching cushions.   Always seems to be the way out here - we spent ages trying to find two matching lamp shades for the bedside lamps in the spare bedroom ... perhaps we ought to settle for mismatched items and pretend that's the look we are aiming for.    So, 'one item short of a set' is a good description of life our here ... but we love it anyway

Just before we left home I wanted to top up all the bird feeders.  I pulled the seed container from its usual place in the bike shed and promptly got whacked on the eyebrow by the metal golfbag/trolley which David had balanced precariously on top.  It HURT and the air was blue for several minutes.    I hold David entirely to blame of course but luckily, although I have a painful swelling under my eyebrow/eyelid I didn't end up with a black eye.  

I got my revenge out here when I put a load of washing on yesterday morning without realising his red shorts were in the linen basket.    He now has a set of pink handkerchiefs so will have to be careful not to wave them round in the vicinity of Bubbles (the gay bar in town)  LOL

I did take the camera out with me today but didn't find anything I wanted to photograph particularly.   We did notice though that the yellow wall which featured in the cat drawing I showed recently has now been painted white ... so glad I photographed it when I did (last month) as it isn't as striking now.  

I'm on cat feeding duties this trip - the semi-feral cats I photographed in our last visit have been getting fed regularly by our friend Catwoman (Lynne) since I noticed them 'squatting' in the garden of an empty villa we pass most days en route to the beach path into town.   Since we 'found' the cats its only fair that we look after them when here to relieve Lynne of one job.

Only one of the two cats showed this afternoon but I left lots of food out and will check again tonight to see if his sister is around.    I did wake him up from his snooze but he looks decidedly grumpy here ... but he was happy with the cat biscuits and water.  I'm happy to see that he is looking much fatter now - was very skinny last time I saw him.

So hopefully will have more photos to share soon - we had a lovely sunny day yesterday but today has been cloudy and cooler -  the forecast is for a few more days of white cloud but we're not complaining.  The temperature is still around 24degrees (shade) and our pool water is around 28degrees.     I've just seen on the BBC website that some parts of England had snow yesterday - what's that all about in May??    and friends have told us they're lighting fires and going back into 'Winter Woollies' ....


  1. Its been extremely cold here too and we had snow, not much, but it was definitely there. Lasted a few days and then today we are back to spring, gorgeous day. Staggered to hear of snow in the UK tho.

    I envy you being there, I want to get away, but will have to wait a few months yet.

  2. no snow here thankfully, just lots of rain :

    and ouch! glad you didnt get a black eye!

  3. Hi Sue,
    Had you thought of getting some cat friendly friends together to contribute towards getting the cats inoculated and neutered, that way they will stay healthy (as well as well fed) and not produce even more feral cats for the kind folk like you to feed. Enjoy the sun there, you might not get it when you come home :-)

  4. Hi Bev
    our friend Lynne AKA Catwoman does that already. This (and other cats she's had neutered) have the tip of their ears clipped so we can tell at a glance if the cat has been neutered/spayed.
    At any one time Lynne has several cats at her apartment - in various stages of recovery from sickness/ops. Usually around 20!
    If she can't re-home them she sets them free on cat friendly developments where feeding stations are regularly replenished for them and they live as a semi-feral pack. The cats here aren't pests like they are in many holiday resorts.

    We make financial donations and also help by producing calendars for sale here each year to raise funds.

  5. What a great bunch of people Sue, what would these poor animals do without the dedication of such kind hearted and generous folk.

  6. Yep. Lynne is fantastic. Shame about the people who think pets are expendable and can be dumped when no longer wanted. When times get tough the cats/dogs get abandoned it seems.

    Lynne has got 10 kittens to home at the moment - all because the owner doesn't believe in spaying/neutering. The mother will now be neutered though as part of 'the deal'

    So, I'm doing my tiny bit by feeding the two cats I mentioned and keeping an eye on one that has a growth/wart on his face - if it gets worse Lynne will set a cat trap as he isn't friendly enough to catch any other way and get the growth checked out properly.

  7. So glad you didn't get a black eye from David's golf things - now, I guess I ought to ask how he's doing after you smacked him with a golf club!!!

    Thanks so much for helping with the cats - I'm with you about people dumping their pets - hmmm, maybe another good use for David's clubs!

    Hope you can eventually find enough matching cushions for your chairs - it seems as though there's always a little something wrong even in paradise!


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